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Why Start A Family? A Feel-Good Post About Life

For many dads, the prospect of starting a family is filled with trepidation. It’s yet another thing you must add to your already-full pile of responsibilities. 

However, that’s only one way of looking at it. The other is seeing it as an opportunity. It’s not just hard work, but also fun. It can be an enjoyable, even edifying experience. 

So, why do dads start families and radically change their lifestyles? Let’s take a look. 

Building A Legacy

One reason dads have children is to build a legacy. Parents want to ensure that some elements of themselves remain in the form of their kids after they are gone. 

This might seem like a somewhat morbid reason, but it motivates a lot of people. Many individuals want to believe they can continue in some form, even after they pass away. 

Building a legacy is also about ensuring family values and ideas continue. Raising children who have a sense of connection to the past helps them live in your stead, working towards a better future for generations to come. Kids help keep money in the family, preserving the wealth built by previous generations. 

A Desire To Nurture

Another reason dads have kids is because they want to nurture someone. In other words, they are following their biological instincts. 

In an era when having kids is becoming less common, many parents are switching to surrogates, like dogs. But these can only partially fill that hole. Older people want to take care of younger ones, meeting their needs and helping them thrive as people. 

Don’t worry if you lack this drive – not everyone has it. However, it can be overwhelmingly strong for many individuals, and that could include you. 

More Laughter

Building a family can also lead to increased love and laughter. While it is something hard work, it can also be a lot of fun raising children. Young people remind you of what life was like before it became complicated because of work and responsibility. Many parents report being able to feel like they can live again once they have children because of the connection they provide them to their past. 

Kids also have an uncanny ability to bring out your inner child. You wind up doing things with them you’d never ordinarily do by yourself. This approach to life makes everything so much more enjoyable, whether it’s laughing together at the dinner table or going on adventures you would otherwise miss. 

Contributing To Future Society

For some dads, the reason to have children is more abstract. Instead of thinking about themselves in the here and now, many parents want kids to preserve the future of society. These individuals want people around to take care of the sick and elderly indefinitely. 

Many parents also have kids as a way to grow the next generation of responsible adults. They see some of the problems in today’s society and want to raise kids in a way that stops these problems in the future. 

Continued Growth And Personal Development

Some parents also choose to have kids because they want to move their lives to the next phase. While being a couple is great, it eventually brings up deep questions for adults. Many wonder whether they should take the next step and have kids or not. 

For many people throughout history, having children was an essential part of adulting. It was a rite of passage many people went through in early adulthood, and even their teenage years. 

However, today it is optional. Therefore, many adults are wondering whether they can truly grow up and mature without taking the plunge and having kids. For some, it is the final frontier or step they need to take to complete their development. 

Witness Growth 

Another reason parents have children is to witness their growth and development. This can be a rewarding and fascinating experience in itself. Many parents like the idea of creating someone who can then go on to pursue their passions and dreams and make a real difference in the world.

Children can also share in the passions and joys of their parents. Kids can be a part of family projects and even lead change themselves. 

A New Sense Of Purpose

Dads may also have kids to give themselves a new sense of purpose in life. Children can provide a sense of meaning for some people. 

As an adult, it can be challenging to know which direction to go in. While pursuing money can be rewarding and fun, it eventually feels a little empty. You can have wonderful experiences, but it isn’t the same as spending time with your own flesh and blood. 

Granted, there is still stuff parents need, so you don’t want to eliminate work from your life entirely. But having children helps you see beyond the material world to something deeper and more valuable.

Gaining A Sense Of Continuity

Perhaps the most critical reason people have children is to gain a sense of continuity. Rearing the next generation continues a process that has been going on for billions of years. Many parents view it as their turn in a long chain down the generations. 

Sometimes, the sense of continuity is comforting. Having children feels good because it means the family line will continue, even if the individual does not. Other times, it feels more like a duty to one’s ancestors. These individuals struggled and toiled, and now parents are paying it forward. 

Sharing A Journey With Your Partner

Finally, having children can be about sharing a profound and beautiful journey with your partner. Having kids together can build mutual bonds and give the relationship a sense of purpose.

Raising children isn’t straightforward, but it can provide an experience that deepens a couple’s love and connection. The new situation helps you learn more about each other, encouraging a more fulfilling relationship and forging deeper bonds. It also introduces children to the dynamic, which is a natural feature of family dynamics. 

So, there you have it: our feel-good post about starting a family.