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Check Out The Best Gifts For Disney-Obsessed Kids!

Have your kids fallen in love with Disney? It’s a rite of passage for all children – everyone goes through a Disney phase at some point. It was all about Mickey Mouse and the classic characters when we were kids. Now, there are countless movies and series for your kids to enjoy (and plenty of toys too). 

The great thing about having Disney-obsessed kids is that birthdays and Christmas are a breeze. You know what they love, so you can buy gifts around this theme. If you’re looking for idea inspiration, read on to see some of the best Disney-themed gifts for your kids: 

Disney Lego Sets 

What kids don’t love Lego? It’s the gift that keeps giving as they will constantly have fun making things and playing with the little sets. So, why not combine their love of Lego with their love of Disney?!

It’s the perfect gift idea and there are so many Disney Lego sets to buy. Some are very simple and kids as young as 1 and a half can enjoy them. Others are more complex and are well suited to those of you with older kids. Check out the offerings if you wish and pick up a set related to your child’s favourite Disney film or character. 

Frozen Tickets

If your children are still big on the Frozen hype train, you must get them a gift related to the movie. At this point, they’ve already streamed both movies as many times as any human being can. So, why don’t you give them a new experience by seeing Frozen at a West End theatre

It has all the classic songs and amazing set designs that your kids will fall in love with. There’s something special about going to the theatre to watch a show with your children. Well, when it’s a show they’re interested in. You see their eyes light up when Elsa is on stage; it’s truly magical. There is an age restriction of 6 and up for Frozen tickets, so keep that in mind if your little ones are extra little. 

Disney Plushies

You simply cannot go wrong with Disney plushies. There’s genuinely an absurd amount of soft toys for Disney lovers to enjoy. They come in all sizes too – from small toys your child can hold in their hand to massive plushies bigger than they are! 

The obvious tactic is to figure out what your child’s favourite Disney thing is. Are they big on Lilo and Stitch? Do they love Moana? Are they constantly rewatching Toy Story? Get a plush toy version of whatever they love the most. Who knows, this could be that special toy they take with them everywhere. It’ll be the thing they pass on to their kids when they’re older or discover ten years later and get a swarm of happy memories. 

Disney Costumes

Similarly, you can’t go too wrong with some Disney costumes. Kids love dressing up and playing for hours on end pretending they’re something they’re not. Make their playtime better by getting some authentic costumes to help them dress up as their favourite Disney characters. 

We mentioned Frozen earlier and Elsa dresses are hugely popular. We also mentioned Toy Story and kids love Buzz and Woody costumes. You can find a costume for virtually any Disney character, so you’re guaranteed to get one your child will love. Make sure they don’t have the costume already or it’s a complete waste of money. 

A Trip To Disneyland

The piece de resistance is a full-blown family trip to Disneyland. Admittedly, this is a massive gift that not everyone can afford. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime surprises you spring on your kids to give them special core memories. You can’t keep buying tickets to Disneyland every year or you’ll run out of money faster than you can believe. 

Still, if your kids love Disney, it’s the ultimate gift. Nothing will ever top this and you’ll give them something to cherish forever. Nobody forgets their first trip to Disneyland – it’s a magical place when you’re a child. They’ll love running around meeting all the characters and going on the fun rides. Plus, there are so many shops full of toys and souvenirs to take home. You’ll be a legend for this – so if you can afford it at least once, it’s well worth doing. 

As we mentioned earlier, buying gifts for Disney-obsessed kids is a walk in the park. There are so many Disney-themed things out there – we’ve barely scratched the outside of the surface and you’ve already got a host of wonderful gift ideas to try!