Great Family Backyard

Want To Create A Great Family Garden? Read This Guide Now!

Creating a great family backyard can be an amazing addition to your home, providing you and your children with the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy benefits such as fresh air and sunshine. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might initially imagine to build a brilliant garden for your family, as this guide contains some of the best ideas that you can utilise to get started today! So long as you factor in the time it will take to do it, the associated costs and services you may need, such as a n expert landscape gardener, skip hire and potentially a tree surgeon, you could end up with a fantastic family garden that will work wonderfully for you. Read about our tips here:  

Lay The Best Foundations 

You always need to begin your project by laying the best foundations, especially when you’re creating a family garden that has to be safe and secure. Making the mistake of covering your backyard in paving stones or concrete is the worst choice possible, as young children are always prone to trips and falls and would no doubt hurt themselves time and time again when they slip outdoors. This could end up discouraging them from wanting to play in your backyard, so it’s best to find a more suitable alternative. One choice that you might consider is a grass lawn, as tumbling over won’t hurt half as much when they land on softer grassy ground! Opting for a hardy, drought resistant grass species like empire zoysia grass is the best choice, as this will be able to stand the test of time no matter how often your little ones speed across it!

Create Dedicated Areas 

When you’ve been able to successfully lay the best foundations, it’s time to create dedicated areas that you can utilise to add more functionality to your family garden. Start off with a play area that your children can use for hours of entertainment, fearing equipment such as a slide, swings and monkey bar set. Another useful area is an al fresco dining space, as you can use the opportunity to eat outdoors with your children during the warm summer evenings. Add an outdoor dining table and potentially a barbecue so that you can get grilling! You can also benefit from a space for relaxation too, as a hammock or a few outdoor bean bags can make for the perfect spot for parents to relax when the kids go to bed. Make sure you read this garden waste clearance guide beforehand for some tips on how to make way for your new garden effectively.

Plant Some Fruit & Veg 

Having your own backyard is the perfect chance to plant some fruit and vegetables, as your children can benefit massively from the life lesson of growing food from seed and understanding the importance of mother nature. They’ll also have a much greater interest in eating fruits and vegetables if they have grown and picked them by themselves in their own garden, so it can even improve their health and well-being too! Digging up a vegetable patch won’t take long, and you don’t need any special skills to get started. Just don’t be afraid to get dirty! 

If you’re ready to build the most amazing family backyard, then there’s no time like the present to follow some of the great steps detailed above! Start by laying the best foundations, and be sure to decide a few key areas that can add functionality to your garden. Plant some fruit and veg for the perfect finishing touch!