looking after your family car

Top tips for looking after your family car

Tip #1 – Don’t let the kids go in it 😉

Haha! Much as we would all love our cars to stay pristine, we all know that’s impossible with kids (and pets) in the family! But there are some steps you can take to prolong that just driven off the forecourt feeling.

  • Rubber mats that collect mud and crumbs on the floor and seat covers that protect from kicking feet might not be the customisation you dreamed of, but are a simple effective way to protect from the unavoidable mishaps
  • If you can’t completely avoid eating in the car on long journeys, stick to water in non-spill plastic bottles and lunchboxes, making sure wet wipes are readily available.
  • With kids, comes a lot of equipment! Out top tip for child-proofing your car, is to invest in a boot liner. Protecting the carpet from mud, spills, scrapes and even odours, can really help with the resale value of the vehicle. It’s always a good idea to keep a big plastic bag or garden trug in the boot, for all those muddy wellies, football boots and sports equipment.
  • Getting the kids to help clean the interior and exterior in the first place, can encourage them to stop and think before trashing it again. There’s no reason why you can’t bribe them with pocket money to get involved, like generations before you,
  • Finally, leave the pens and crayons at home, unless you want a permanent reminder of your budding little Picasso. 

Tip #2 Have a GPS tracker fitted

A GPS lets you track your vehicle in real time. The most trusted tracking device on the market, is the PAJ GPS tracker. It can tell you the live location, speed of the car and much more, to help you get the status of your car’s security at any time. They are more robust than an inbuilt security system and proven to be an excellent option for protecting vehicles. They also provide peace of mind when the kids pass their tests and start sharing the family car. 

Tip #3 Stick to the service schedule

Admittedly regular servicing can seem costly but taking your car to a trusted mechanic on time can help to extend the life of the vehicle and give you peace of mind that the car is good working order. In between servicing, don’t delay seeing to any windscreen chips or warning lights on the dashboard and check your oil/water levels and tyres regularly, especially before a long journey. 

Tip #4 Keep it covered! 

Keeping your car in a garage keeps it dry, clean and safe, reducing the risks of accidental damage, vandalism and theft. So let this be your excuse to have a garage clear out, because it will also reduce your insurance premium too. If you don’t have a garage, a good quality shelter will do. 

Tip #5 Slowly and steady wins the race

Driving safely and smoothly may sound obvious but the opposite will create much more wear and tear on the vehicle’s engine and parts. Smooth braking and changing gear will maintain expensive parts for longer. Keep to the speed limits and don’t drive too close to the vehicle in front, so that you’re less likely to have to brake forcefully. Look out for potholes and badly maintained roads, avoiding them if you can. 

Tip #6 Customize

Often people think about customization of a car with a sporty car or a single persons car, however, even a family car deserves to have a slight personalization. Whether it’s Number Plates from Fourdot Designer Plates or adding tinted windows for privacy, a little bit of customization on your family car could make it just right and easier to say goodbye to a sports car.