Boost Your Childs Imagination

How to Boost Your Child’s Imagination

The right side of the brain is responsible for all manner of creative activities and is visual and intuitive. It’s therefore important for your child to develop in order to become a strong problem solver. Like all skills, it will take practice for your child to become creative. Here are a series of activities that were put together by teachers which you may find helpful.

1) Unstructured Play

If you’ve never heard of the concept before, unstructured play involves giving your child complete freedom to play whatever they want, however they wish. There are no set guidelines or activities which allows them to be their creative self and explore their own ideas.

2) Play Resources

Having said that, there are toys that are specifically designed to help children with their creativity and problem solving like Lego. It gives them the chance to create whatever they like using flexible and adaptable materials.

3) Brainstorm

There are lots of different ways that we can be creative – creative in terms of design and coming up with ideas. Another way that you might want to explore creativity is brainstorming.

Try 3D puzzles, riddles, and different scenarios where your child will need to apply themselves and come up with original, innovative ideas. If they’re stuck, gently guide them with hints and suggestions.

4) Alternative Perspectives

Sometimes the answer’s glaring at us right in the face, we just need to adjust our way of looking at things. Considering alternative perspectives can help your child in difficult situations and when there aren’t any answers or solutions that they can think of. It can also help them to think outside of the box and produce high-quality solutions.

5) Push Your Child to Read

Unlike the methods above, this focuses on expanding your child’s understanding of the world. With knowledge comes power and the ability to create amazing things. Reading expands our knowledge of the world so it can be beneficial in enhancing their imagination and creativity.