Your Child's Education

How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

Parents that demonstrate an active involvement in their child’s education usually see higher levels of academic achievement from their children and improved confidence. This comes down to extra practice, a positive attitude, a desire to learn and reassurance. We have teamed up with a private school in Kingston upon Thames to explore the ways that you can be more involved in your child’s education.

Ask Them About Their Day

It’s as simple as it sounds but can help your child feel comforted, reassured and important. Talking to your child about school can help you to pick up on any struggles that they’re experiencing and identify ways that you can help. This might be to ask their teacher for ways to explain certain concepts if extra help is needed.

Read Together

Reading to your child and getting them to read back to you is the easiest way to invest some time into your child’s education. It can help them to develop a greater vocabulary, build on their reading skills and in turn improve their ability to understand new concepts. Their writing skills can also drastically improve as they will be able to use better SPAG which will help them to communicate more effectively. This can also fuel their love for learning as books teach us new things about the world and broaden our world view.

Support Them with Their Homework

Sitting with your child while they do their homework can help them to concentrate better as it makes sure that they aren’t getting distracted and allows them to ask you questions. This can help with bonding and ensures that they get all of their work done. While you’re helping however, by working through examples or whatever it might be, just make sure that you don’t give away the answers to their homework questions. This is important as it allows teachers to recognise the progress that their students are making and prepare further lesson plans.