Childs Birthday Party

Top Tips for Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday is coming up and you want to throw them a birthday party that they and their friends remember. You will have the guest list, invites and entertainment to sort, as well as food and decor. To help you put everything together and make it a memorable occasion, we have some expert tips below.

Food and Catering

When it comes to food, you will need to think carefully about any intolerances and dietary requirements that your guests have. To cover all bases and avoid excluding anyone from enjoying the party, you may want to have vegan and gluten free options of what you’re going to be serving. It’s a good idea to establish this beforehand by speaking to their friends’ parents so that there isn’t any waste and you can cater to more specific dietary requirements like nut allergies.

A Theme / Entertainment

Every good children’s party has a theme that gets its guests involved or a form of entertainment. That could be a Disney theme where all the guests must come dressed as their favourite Disney cartoon character or a series of Disney themed activities to complete.

Keep An Eye on The Guest List

Whilst handing out invites, keep an eye on your guest list and how many people you’re expecting to attend. This will help to make sure that they are accommodated to with regards to food, seating, and any activities that you have planned. You may want to send these out as RSVPs, so you have an exact number of who to expect.

Involve your Child When Planning

The most important piece of advice when planning a child’s birthday is to involve them in the process. Unless it’s a surprise party that you’re going for, ask for their input – after all it is their birthday and their guests who will be invited.