reasons to visit spain

5 Reasons to Visit Sunny Spain

If you want to visit a country that continues to shock, surprise, and evolve, then you want to visit Spain. It’s not all sunbathing and shopping, you know. Sure, you can head for a day trip to Barcelona and really enjoy the city, but you’ll also find that there are other things that you can do and see in Spain that don’t often involve the beautiful oceans and historical landmarks. 

Spain is made up of so many places right now, so whether or not you are booking a vacation rental in San Sebastian, Spain or you are heading to the most luxury resorts that are attached to private beaches, there are so many things that you should do in Spain while you are here. Here are five top reasons to discover Spain.

1. The scenery

Spain is all about drama, and it’s not just in the accents of the men and the women that all the way they dance, it’s in the scenery. Imposing mountains, glistening beaches, Spain is full of natural beauty and the landscape some cells are inspiring. Hop the islands and see Tenerife where you can enjoy the volcanic views. Head to the Canary Islands just to the south of Spain, and you’ll be able to invite yourself to see a huge variety of flora and fauna.

2. The beaches

Okay so we do have to mention the beaches. There are over 5000 miles of coastline in Spain alone, and these host thousands of beaches. No matter where you go you are never too far from the beach. There are hidden alcoves to the popular tourist resorts that have private beach options, but there are also those tiny beaches that are perfectly pristine and preserved just for you to enjoy when you head out on your boat trips. You can even head out to the region of Andalucia, near the Portuguese border. Its area is renowned for its beaches and if you love the sun you can worship here.

3. The food

The tapas in Spain are insane. You can choose paella, seafood stew and chorizo made with love and the dishes come from old Spanish family recipes. Costa Brava is a Spanish foodie destination and it shouldn’t be missed. There are always authentic eateries in the labyrinthine streets of Barcelona, too.

4. The cities

Spain is known for its fashion, you know. The vibrancy in Madrid and Barcelona reflect the arts and the culture scene. Seville is another Spanish city that’s purely remarkable. You’ll be able to experience the culture of true Flamenco dancing and architectural heritage when you come to any of the cities.

5. The tiny villages

The villages here are amazing, tiny and beautiful like nothing else, and there are so many reasons that you should visit these vibrant villages when you head to Spain. You’ll be welcomed like a local even though you’re a tourist, and everybody is going to want to cook for you! Make friends in a new space when you visit Spain.