Transition Between Indoors And Outdoors

Creating A Seamless Transition Between Indoors And Outdoors

If you want to get ready for when the weather starts to turn again, one of the best ways to do it can be to reduce the feeling of the barrier that exists between your indoors and your outdoors. It can get you to make use of your outdoors much more easily, creating a better social space for the home and inviting the beauty of the outdoors in a little. Here are a few tips to do just that.

Start with the indoors first

You should always make sure that your attention is on the indoors, first and foremost. Usually, the area that we connect to the outdoors is the kitchen and you want to make sure that it fits all of your needs, that any transitions between it and the outdoors, or outdoor renovations, don’t get in the way of its usage. A kitchen extension can help you with that.

Invite nature in

The best way to let the exterior of the home bleed into the interior a little is to make use of the best of the outside world: nature and greenery. There are plenty of ways to invite nature in, be it by adding a natural wall mural, having a herb garden on your windowsill, or even by using a little more in the way of natural material products inside. Aside from helping the space feel better connected to nature, using a little greenery around the window gives them a bit more privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light in through them.

Create a comfortable outdoor space

When we talk about letting the inside out of the home, we typically mean taking the comfort and convenience of an interior living space and applying it to your garden. Working with a patio builder is one of the easiest ways to do that. Aside from a patio or decking, you need to think about comfort in terms of furniture, as well as any heating or lighting that you might need to keep the space comfortable throughout the day, any time of the year. An awning from the home can provide good shade from the sun when you need it, too.

Finding the right connection

The door that connects the indoors and the outdoors is going to play a huge role in helping those spaces feel connected. Rather than a simple back door, you might want to look at options like double French doors that open up the kitchen to much more light and fresh air. When you have company or you’re simply hanging out in the sun with your family, they can remain open to create a much more seamless way in and out of the home. Plus, there’s nothing like a year-round view of your surroundings to make a kitchen even more inviting.

Of course, it’s up to you how much you want to blend the different spaces of your home. You don’t have to follow every tip above, but even one or two can make your home feel much more lively and connected to its space.