Top Ten Single Dad Movies

Are you looking for the top 10 single dad movies? If YES is your answer, then you’ve found the perfect place!


We will give you the top 10 single dad movies picked from the best-rated movies of all time lists to make sure you enjoy each and every one of them.

Movies with single dads come in a variety of genres; some are action, some are comedy, others are emotional or romantic, or even Sci-Fi.

The movie’s point is obviously to deliver the message that single dads are and can be the best heroes for their children.

1.    Safe Haven (2013)

Safe haven is a 2013 American drama, romance, and thriller genre movie about a single dad who loves his child very much; he encounters a woman with a mysterious past who also wants to give him and her son the best future.

The movie revolves around the struggles of a single dad to bring comfort to his child and his own struggles.  Safe Haven is a beautiful movie to watch if you’re looking for movies with single dads in it.

2.    The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 American biographical drama film based on the nearly one year struggle of Chris Gardner with homelessness after taking custody of his son

The film features Will Smith and Jaden Smith and shows how a single father can go through the struggles to protect and provide for his own child.

3.    The Game Plan (2007)

The game plan is one of the movies about single dads where the dad is super busy and indulged in his career and suddenly has to set out his priorities and make a balance between his personal life and career because his daughter needs him.

4.    Jersey Girl (2004)

If you are a Jersey girl and you’re looking for some movie about a single dad raising a daughter, then you will love this 2004 movie starring Ben Affleck.

The movie revolves around his happy life and how he thinks he has had it all with a happy marriage and a baby coming until his life takes a tragic turn and nothing is the same anymore.

5.    Home Front (2013)

After Phil’s action against a biker gang goes horribly wrong, and it cost the life of his boss’s son, Phil’s life goes into crisis.

He quits everything to protect his daughter, but after she gets into a fight with a bully, things go south. This single-parent movie is about how a dad can cross limits to save his own child.

6.    Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar is a top-rated Sci-Fi movie with a single dad in it. The story is about the deep relationship and the bond that a father and daughter carry and how much he loves her and she longs for him.

The movie is emotional and full of drama; it will leave you curious as every scene passes by; some scenes will leave you amazed; a must-watch single dad movie.

7.    Gifted (2017)

Gifted is one of the most emotional movies with single dads.

The movie is about the attachment Frank shares with his niece Mary and how he has grown her up all her life and the battle between the legal custody that his mother files for Evelyn, who will do anything to fulfill her selfish needs.

8.    We Bought A Zoo (2011)

The zoo is a single father movie about Benjamin, who has lost his wife and is left with two kids. In an attempt to start his life over, he buys a house with a zoo in it, which is good news for the kids but badly needs renovation. Watch how Benjamin does it as a single father.

9.    Baby Daddy (2012)

Baby daddy is a movie about a bachelor who loves to enjoy his life and party out until one day; he finds a baby girl left on his doorstep.

The film revolves around his struggles as a single dad and how he is bent on doing the best for his girl.

10.                       Definitely, Maybe (2008)

This 2008 film is about a single dad who, when he tells his daughter the story of how he met her mother, this allows him to reflect on his past and how he can have a second chance with his future.

We hope you found the top 10 single dad movies mentioned above really interesting and that you’d pick most of them to watch. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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