Top Employers

What Are the Top Employers in the El Paso Area?

El Paso has a lot of employers in the area that are always offering job opportunities for individuals that are willing to try and achieve them. It can be hard to find some of these jobs if you don’t know where to look.

Who are these employers, you may ask? Some of the top employers in the El Paso area can include ADP, ECM International, and GECU. If these options don’t interest you, using research may also help you find other options that you may be looking for.

The companies themselves can also determine other factors like the cost of living as well. The prices of some El Paso houses for sale can even be decided by how close they are located to these employers.


ADP, or Automatic Data Processing, is a company that oversees a multitude of different situations. They are a provider of human resources software management and services.

They essentially keep track of and help with things like running payroll and also payment options. Having a job with a company like ADP can be a very important job.

How do you ask? You’re overseeing money! 

You are essentially involved with the money that someone would have earned from their job and if they will receive that money correctly. If there’s an issue, you might be responsible for finding and or fixing the issue.

It’s a job with numbers, time, and a bunch more scary math words. Some may love doing jobs like that and are good at it. If you’re a numbers person, a job with ADP is what you are looking for!

ECM International

El Paso has no shortage of projects being worked on. All of this creation needs to be contained so that it can be managed correctly and things are done on time.

ECM International assigns a timeline for each project item and has built a broad resume from helping their clients from all around the world. They offer a wide variety of help for multiple projects.

Having a job with ECM can offer you plenty of benefits, but one of the biggest is the fact that you can help companies by keeping them organized and on track for what they’re working on. If you’re good at managing, ECM might be the company for your future.


The GECU, or Government Employees Credit Union, is a credit union that is headquartered in El Paso, Texas and is regulated by the National Credit Union Administration. They have plenty of locations for people that want to apply.

By around 2019, GECU had $2.8 billion in assets with approximately 390,000+ members and 840+ employees! Plenty of reasons for you to want a job with a company like GECU.

If you’re thinking about joining GECU, you can have the satisfaction of helping people manage their accounts while knowing that you are a part of the large community that this company has built over its years in the El Paso area.