The Single Dad’s Guide To The Game Of Thrones: Final Season Predictions

It’s D-Day.  Or should I say, D-Day for Game of Thrones, the series expected to have over a billion people watch later this evening?  And with that, we bring a conclusion to our Game of Thrones predictions about Westeros and what will happen in it.  Because by the time this evening comes around, several of my predictions will be proved wrong (if not all), many could be proved right, and we may all be sitting in a state of utter disbelief, or rapture, depending on what you were rooting for to happen.  Whatever you may want to happen or not, guessing makes the watching more fun.  So the Guide proudly presents the Single Dad’s Guide to the Game of Thrones: Final Season Predictions.

As I said before, two things limit our discussion when it comes to The Game of Thrones.  The first: TV show over books.  It’s not that the books and the TV show are trying to be different.  Nevertheless, as with any good TV show, time moves on and choices made, changing the arc of the series.  The divergence from the books gets larger.  Given when making predictions, discussing the future gets complicated.  We have to limit our sources from which to make predictions.  I am not saying one cannot make a prediction from book material.  But when it comes to predictions here we focus on TV series.  Because we are trying to predict the end to a TV series which has surpassed the books.

Secondarily, I want this post to be a one of flaming kindness.  I know this sounds strange.  What I am saying is I believe when disagreeing with a prediction, it’s ok to attack what’s predicted.  In fact, I welcome the attack.  But limit your attacks to the things predicted and not on the person predicting them.  So let the flaming begin, not the name calling.

With so many characters and so little time, let’s get to the predictions on the characters.  Before long, this might reach novel length, worthy of Game of Thrones writing.  So many Lannisters, Greyjoys, Starks, and others, so little time.  So without further ado, the Guide proudly presents the Single Dad’s Guide to the Game of Thrones: Final Season Predictions.

The Single Dad’s Guide To The Iron Throne: Final Season Predictions

Pictures courtesy of HBO © 2019

Davos Seaworth – 

One of my favorite characters in the Game of Thrones and one of the truly nice people in all of Westeros.  Former friend and hand of the King Stannis Baratheon, Davos these days can be seen assisting Jon Snow, king of the north as he prepares for battle against the army of the dead.  I desperately hope Mr. Seaworth survives.  But as I do not predict Jon king in the end, I fail to see his usefulness as a character.  He needs someone to believe in.  And he hasn’t resonated with Daenerys yet to help her should Tyrion betray her for any reason.  Hence, I predict we lose Davos somewhere mid-season.

Gendry “Baratheon” –

He’s at the very least the bastard child of Robert Baratheon and possibly some whore who grew into manhood.  He escaped King’s Landing under the guise of joining the Night’s Watch along with Aria Stark, and then eventually wound up the clutches of Melisandre, the Red Witch.  After Davos Seaworth sets him free he vanishes for years, until Davos reaches out to him in Westeros.  He currently assists in making weapons out of Dragon Glass.  In addition, he goes up north to procure a member of the army of the dead.  I predict he will survive the final season and named head of the house Baratheon to help settle the realm down after all the crazy wars.

Picture courtesy of HBO © 2019

Sansa Stark –

Sansa Stark led us on a crazy journey, from King’s Landing future heiress to slave and married off to the Imp.  She escapes via Littlefinger who has designs of his own, and then is married off to one of the vilest men of all of Westeros: Ramsey Snow . . . or Bolton.  After being brutalized, she escapes with Theon Greyjoy (Reek) and heads north to meet her brother, Jon.  She helps him win the battle of the bastards, and retake Winterfell, her home, from the Bolton’s.  My prediction is she will survive everything.  Because after everything they did to her, Sansa survives.  They will rename her head of Winterfell and Warden of the North, after all, is said and done.

Picture courtesy of HBO © 2019

Jamie Lannister –

One of the largest story arcs of the series.  From incest and attempted murderer to stabbing the previous king in the back while being a member of the King’s guard, Jamie Lannister was a vile human being.  But capture by the Starks and taken back to King’s Landing by Brienne of Tarth, he found a heart and a soul along the way.  He realizes his actions were because of his love for Cersei, which he begins to suspect was misplaced.

Ultimately, although not able to save his own children, he goes after the army of the dead, despite Cersei trying to stop him.  As for predictions, I believe he will kill off his sister Cersei when she tries to kill Brienne, and eventually die in the process.  He will complete his story arc from irreparably lost to the solemn hero but die, as most heroes seem to do in Westeros.

Picture courtesy of HBO © 2019

Arya Stark –

Arya Stark goes to King’s Landing with Sansa and her dad and is the wild girl child of the family.  She leaves King’s Landing with the Night’s Watch and Gendry to head north, only to be waylaid, and eventually taken by the Hound as a hostage to sell to her family.  When this doesn’t work because they are all dead, she heads to Bravos to learn apprentice as an assassin.  Of course, this doesn’t work out exactly as she thought.  And she has to escape there with her life. 

She heads back, now a fairly decent assassin, and makes her way to Winterfell.  There she meets up with her sister and eventually her beloved brother Jon.  I have the hardest time predicting Arya’s future.  She’s completed her story arc, but prove a useful weapon in the future.  But she would have to do it for someone she cared about.  I believe they will make her the first female head of the King’s Guard at the end.

Bronn –

Or sir Bronn of the Blackwater if you please.  Bronn is my favorite half-villain as he seems to associate with people we like a little.  Whether it’s Tyrion or Jamie, Bron has made us love him, even if we know what a bad person he is.  The seventh season we see him saving Jamie from certain death, trying to attack a dragon.  And he makes friends with Tyrion and Podrick, once again.  As for Bronn, I think he will die given his lifestyle.  He will do it defending Cersei and trying to attain gold and titles, ultimately killed off by Jamie Lannister.

Picture courtesy of HBO © 2019

Brienne of Tarth –

The friend of Renly Baratheon who ends up his king’s guard when he tries to make himself a king.  Catherine sends Brienne off on a mission after Renly’s murdered by the shadow of Stannis.  Brienne heads up north to help Lady Catherine Stark and then heads down south to trade Jamie for the Stark sisters.  Upon arriving in King’s Landing with the Stark sisters, she finds Sansa married to Tyrion and leaves King’s landing with Podrick to go after Arya.  She eventually finds Arya, but Arya escapes. 

Brienne then finds Sansa but she does not wish to come with her.  Finally, she gets retribution for Stannis murder, helps Sansa free herself, and winds up pledging her service to Sansa for this night and all the nights to come.  As far as predictions, Brienne will see her Jamie die saving her life, continue in Sansa’s service, and ultimately wind up with Tor.  Because  . . . Tor!

Tor –

One of the free folk above the wall fighting for Mance Rayder.  As the assault on Castle Black fails, the Night’s Watch imprisons him in the Castle until Jon decides to free him and bring the free folk south of the wall.  Fearful of the army of the dead for his people, he agrees to help Jon, only to see many of his people eradicated by the army of the dead while trying to free them.  He then goes on to help Jon during the battle of the bastards and eventually helps Jon get one of the army of the dead from North of the wall.  In the meantime, he developed a crush on Brienne.  I believe he will get his wish to settle down south of the Wall raising kids with Brienne after much fighting to support Jon against the army of the dead.

Podrick Payne –

Squire to Tyrion, not that Tyrion would need a squire.  Helped out in the Battle at King’s Landing, sparing the life of Tyrion Lannister.  When in trouble, Tyrion sends Podrick away for his own safety to squire with Brienne.  He leaves with Brienne and goes on her many adventures, finally landing in Winterfell with everyone else.  Another one of those innocent good guys I do not wish to see die.  Not sure what place he will serve in this new world though.  My guess is he dies at the hands of Bron, as sad as it makes me.

Picture courtesy of HBO © 2019

Samwell Tarley –

Son of Randall Tarley, driven to take the black because his dad does not want him to inherit his wealth.  While a horrible fighter, Sam is a great researcher, quickly befriending Jon Snow and helping him out with whatever things he can. Eventually, Samwell ends up going down South to become a Maester and trying to figure out more ways to defeat the Night King and his armies.  My prediction is he finds his happily ever after at the Citadel raising his stepson Sam.  But . . .

Gilly –

Craster’s daughter/wife who bears him a boy and runs away with Samwell to prevent Craster taking her son away and joining the armies of the dead.  She assists Sam with whatever she can and helps him to grow up and take responsibility in a way he had never done before.  As for Gilly’s outcome, I believe Game of Thrones hints at it.  When Gilly entrusts Samwell to watch after their son if she should die during the fight at Castle Black with the free folk Game of Thrones gives you a clue.  She will find death somehow from the Night Kings armies.

Picture courtesy of HBO © 2019

Bran Stark –

Third of four sons of Eddard Stark, although the second trueborn son.  He gets crippled in an accident after viewing the incest between Queen Cersei and Jamie Lannister.  As a result of his accident, Hodor takes care of Bran (who we eventually find out the reason for this sad name).  After escaping Theon Greyjoy, he heads north with his brother a free folk and Hodor.  On the road Bran meets a brother and sister who tell him about his powers and help him to discover them.  They head north to meet the Three-Eyed Raven who trains him in his powers.  After the Night King forces Bran and company to leave his training early, he heads back to Winterfell through the help of his Uncle Benjen. 

There he meets up with his sisters.  But the most interesting thing is he ends up with Samwell who between the two of them discover Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen, the rightful ruler of Westeros.  As for predictions, I believe he will be the object of the Night King’s wrath and destroying Bran will be the Night King’s sole objective.  He will survive until the end, realizing his death will mean the end of the Night King’s wrath and will keep the Night King distracted enough til Jon Snow can destroy him.  Bran sacrifices himself for the greater good in the end.

Theon Greyjoy –

Ward of Eddard Stark after his father rebelled and raised almost as a stepson. Theon leaves his adopted family during battle to get his real father’s help for Rob, only to turn around and betray him.  Instead, he does what he thinks will make his father proud.  He captures Winterfell and burns two boys, pretending they are Bran and Rickon Stark.  Then his men betray him and sell him off to Ramsey Bolton.  There Ramsey tortures and mutilates him, turning him into a pitiable wretch named Reek.

Theon obeys out of fear until he finally gets the courage to help Sansa escape Ramsey’s clutches.  From there he goes to help out his sister, only to fail his sister in a battle with his uncle Euron. I predict he helps out his sister Yara, sacrificing himself in the end.  He will kill his uncle but die in the process, leaving Yara Queen of the Iron Islands.

Yara Greyjoy –

Sister of Theon who tricks Theon the first time we meet her,  sizing him up as worthless.  But she also loves him and stands behind him, trying to rescue him from Ramsey’s clutches when things go wrong.  When that fails she stands by her father until Theon returns to the Iron Islands a broken man.  When their dad dies and Euron Greyjoy takes the throne of the Iron Islands, she escapes with Theon and makes a truce with Daenerys to secure her throne eventually.  Euron ends up defeating Yara and fleet on the water, kidnapping Yara and holding her hostage.  My prediction for her?  Yara will end up on the Throne of the Iron Islands after Theon redeems himself by killing Euron.

Picture courtesy of HBO © 2019

Varys –

The master of spies manipulates almost every action throughout the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. On the one hand, he helps Daenerys and keeps her safe.  On the other hand, he tries to have her killed.  Varys helps Tyrion escape certain death.  And eventually, he leaves when his helping Tyrion ends in the death of Tywin.  Both Varys and Tyrion escape to the east and try to find Dany.  Of course, they get separated and Varys winds up there by himself.  Eventually, he works his way into Dany’s trust by telling her he will support her as long as she is good for the kingdoms, and the moment she is not, he will tell her personally before he plots against her.  My prediction for Varys is he dies trying to plot something separating Jon Snow and Daenerys without informing anyone first and Varys is killed by dragons.

Euron Greyjoy –

Euron came along late in the series to try to steal the Iron Islands from his brother and family.  When he takes over he attempts to kill his niece and nephew only to find they escaped. He then builds a fleet, attacks Yara and Theon, kills the Dornish contingent, and kidnaps Yara.  Euron then bails on a meeting about dead men only to go off to Bravos and secure killers for Cersei in her effort to maintain the Iron Throne.  Theon will kill Euron, but not before he makes a lot of trouble and brings the killers from Bravos to Westeros.

Jaqen H’ghar –

One of the faceless assassins of Bravos locked up at the beginning.  Freed by Arya, he helps to secure her escape from the Lannisters.  He then heads back to Bravos but before he goes, gives Arya a coin she can use to get there and train as an assassin.  He then trains Arya as an assassin but puts out a hit on her when she fails him and the “faceless god.”  Of course, Arya comes out on top and he lets her leave.  Jaqen will make a return appearance to help out Cersei Lannister only to run into with Arya, who surprises him.  He then chooses to not help Cersei, although she never takes no for answer.  Cersei then executes him.

Lady Melisandre (The Red Witch) –

Initially appearing to help out Stannis Baratheon as she believes he is the Prince who was Promised to help in the wars to come.  She tries to secure him victories through black magic, almost killing Gendry before she ends up having Shireen Baratheon killed to help in the war with Ramsey at Winterfell.  Upon defeat, she heads to Castle Black and then finds herself asked to bring Jon Snow back to life.  When she does, she tries to help out Jon Snow become the Prince who was Promised until she gets kicked out as Davos discovers her killing of Shireen. 

She then heads south and meets with Daenerys, realizing she must be part of the final prophecy as well.  Finally, she leaves for Volantis to get help.  Ultimately, she brings many priests and priestesses to help out keep the living alive or bringing them back from the dead to prevent the army of the dead from having as large an advantage.  She will stop the Night King from gaining as many recruits as he can.  But she will end up dying helping bring back people from the dead.

Dario Naharis –

Dario helps Dany and secures a city for her when originally part of an assassin group sent to kill her.  He then ends up following her and eventually bedding her, becoming one of Daenerys closest confidants.  Ultimately Dany leaves Dario behind in Meereen to take care of the city.  But in season 8 Cersei recruits Dario from Meereen as a sellsword against Dany.  When he realizes this he takes up the job.  They keep it quiet for a while about what’s going to happen and whether he will try to kill Dany.  Dany will see him but only when Cersei executes him after he makes an attempt on Cersei’s life.

The Hound –

Guard of Joffrey Baratheon who stands behind him and occasionally tries to help people in his own strange way.  Brother of the Mountain who was burned by his brother at birth and has a permanent scar.  After feeling used and abused he takes off.  He winds up in the hand of the Brotherhood without banners to be tried and a fight to the death, which he wins.  The Hound then takes off with Arya, trying to get money for selling Arya to her family.  When this fails he just roams the countryside until he runs into Brienne and a fight ensues.  They fight and the Hound is mortally wounded.  Arya abandons him and leaves him today. He is then rescued by a peaceful sect and treated well without condition.  But these people in their innocence are all murdered. 

The Hound pursues justice and winds up with the Brotherhood again.  There he tried to find some kind of purpose and winds up North of the wall helping Jon and company secure a man from the army of the dead.  He goes back down south with the body and threatens his brother before heading North to Winterfell.  As for predictions, the Hound will end up in a battle with his brother, killing the mountain and allowing Jamie to get to Cersei.  He will survive in the end.  At first, he seems like he will go back to living a peaceful life, but Arya recruits him for the Kings Guard, which the Hound laughs at, but ends up taking up anyway.

The Mountain –

Brother of the Hound.  Rapist of Elia Martel, the former princess and her murderer.  Fights Oberyn Martel in a battle to the death to determine Tyrion’s innocence in killing Joffrey.  He gets mortally wounded but kills Oberyn first.  Qyburn resurrects the Mountain into a Frankenstein monster creature.  He will be killed by the Hound after a big battle protecting Cersei.

Qyburn –

The current hand of the Queen who first appeared helping heal Jamie so he only loses his hand.  Then helps out doing medicine considered too radical, but not before he ostracizes everyone but Cersei.  He eventually helps Cersei secure power back from the High Sparrow and his sect by baptizing them (burning them all alive) in green fire and explosion.  Cersei finally makes him her hand as a trusted advisor.  He will be killed, eventually, by the children of the dead, unable to control the dead after they have passed on.

Jorah Mormont –

Jorah started as a spy for Varys, reporting on the movements of Daenerys Targaryen.  He eventually begins to believe in her and falls in love with her as she weds Khal Drogo, takes over the Dothraki after he dies, helps her with her dragons, among many services he provides.  Eventually, Dany finds out he was betraying her from early on as he receives a pardon for what he did.  He then goes in search of absolution when he is banished, kidnapping Tyrion Lannister as a means of proving his loyalty.  He gets banished once again after he brings her Tyrion only to save her life in the fighting pits. 

This time she decides to trust him and bring him back into the fold.  Only he has greyscale and so he leaves, upon Dany’s orders, to find a cure for himself and return.  After Samwell Tarley cures him in the Citadel he returns to fight for Dany, only to realize she is in love with Jon.  He helps Jon north of the wall to get and the army of the dead and brings it back.  Jorah will die, sacrificing himself for the life of Jon Snow at some point during the season. Not sure how long he will last, but he will die to protect the man Dany loves.

Wrapping Things Up

We now reach our final post about Game of Thrones.  Although we reserve the right to discuss the Game of Thrones prequel series in the future.  I could cover way more characters than this.  So many characters I could spend a large treatise analyzing each one and their possible outcomes.  But that requires something larger than a blog post.  And we reached the final episode today.  I enjoyed every bit of the nine-year ride through Westeros and the marvelous characters created by George R.R. Martin.  Sadness creeps in knowing these characters I loved so long but will fade to memory.  This makes me grateful HBO picked up a new series based in the Game of Thrones world.  But I will never forget this time and these characters.  They reached into our lives and made bright the drab and dreary everyday existence.

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So which of the following characters are you hoping will survive the most?  Which ones are you hoping will die?  What has been the most surprising thing about the Game of Thrones series so far?  What have you loved the most?  And what has it been about Game of Thrones which has made it so fascinating a follow?

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