Teaching Kids To Care For The Environment

Caring for the environment is something every child should learn and this should be taught both at home and at school. We have shared our top tips below for teaching kids to care about the environment – some ideas for activities to do or discussions to have. We hope they help!

Make It Fun

One way we have made the topic of the environment fun is by encouraging our children to use games such as Twin The Bin to learn all about recycling. It helps them to gain an understanding of what can be recycled. You choose your character, are given instructions of what to collect and have to collect either plastic, glass, paper or organic goods. You need to avoid getting other objects in your recycling bin and get points for the correct items, losing points for any incorrect items.

I find this game and other similar ones great for giving the children an understanding of recyclable materials and also why you shouldn’t mix them.

Get Them To Help With The Bins

It isn’t the most glamorous of jobs and we all hate to do it as adults but why not get your children to help you with the bins? When putting stuff in the bin or out for recycling, see if they know where it needs to go. When removing stuff to put in the outside bins, see if they are aware which bin it should go into.

Spend Time In Nature

My children love nothing better than going for a walk in the woods with the dogs. It is a great place to be at one with nature, discover new scents, sights and sounds.

You could even spend some time out in the garden, getting the kids to discuss what they can see.

If they develop a true appreciation of nature because of this, isn’t it great?

Pick Up Litter

No matter where you are, there will be litter. It is a sad fact of life. Why not take your children out to pick some litter up in your local area? Take a couple of bags out with you and make it a game – see who can pick up the most litter and bin it! Remember to sort it into different types of rubbish and make sure you are recycling anything that can be!

Grow Your Own

A great way to show care for the environment is to grow your own food, helping children to understand where it comes from. They can make good choices and even if you don’t have much garden space outside, you can use a balcony or a window sill to grow some produce too!

Teach Them To Conserve Energy

Another way to help care for the environment is to be more conservative with your energy use. Turning the lights off when you leave a room, make sure you are actually switching appliances off instead of leaving them on standby. Perhaps even turning off the taps when brushing your teeth or being a little more restrictive with your bath water or showering time.

These are just a few tips to help your children care for the environment. Do you have any you would like to share?