toddler bike outdoors

Fun Ways To Teach Toddlers About The Outside World

The outside world – scary for young children? Sometimes! It’s loud and bright and all kinds of creatures are out there. For a toddler, an off-leash dog or falling and scraping your knees are two of the worst things in the world! But with a bit of love, care, and attention, you can soon show them just how fun the natural world really is. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Show Them That Bugs Aren’t Scary

Kids can develop fears very early on in life, and toddlers are prone to screaming and crying at things they don’t quite understand. Because of that, you might have to lead by example here! Indeed, kids can pick up fears and even phobias from watching their parents, and if you’re not too keen on bugs, your child might end up hating them too. 

But when you’re trying to help them enjoy the outside world, a fear like this will get in the way. A toddler really doesn’t know any better than what they see from you. So why not try to get them interested in the little critters you see in the garden soil, and point out how funny looking they are, or how the way they move is very cool? If a bug isn’t scary now, it won’t be scary in the future! 

Buy Them a Bike

Toddlers can find it hard to keep up sometimes, even with all that energy! They might get distracted, a bit bored, and it’s hard to keep up with an adult’s strides when you’ve got little legs. So, why not get them a bike of their own? Something like a Balance Bike to start off, to show them how to actually use a bike, and then something more suitable for riding around on. 

If they learn that being outside can mean all the fun in the world, they’re going to want to be out there more often! This is how you encourage them away from screens and spending all their time on a tablet or in front of the TV. Simply give them a ‘toy’ to use outside that changes the way they interact with the world.  

Make Collages Out of Plant Life

If the seasons are changing and leaves and natural plant life is falling to the ground, let your toddler get acquainted. Old leaves, acorns and conkers, and dandelions and daisies can be a lot of fun to play with! 

Showing this to your toddler, and allowing them to pick up and examine items like these, lets them have fun no matter what’s going on in nature. And not only that; it’ll also help to fill up their senses, allowing them to feel new textures like tree bark, dirt or mud, and flower heads/petals. That’s always great for toddlers. 

Toddlers love to learn new things about the world, and their curiosity will carry them through! Use this to encourage a sense of wonder and magic about the outside world.