Summer Holiday Activities 

8 Fun and Educational Summer Holiday Activities 

Now that the warm rays of the summer sun are once again approaching, it’s time to take a quick look at how we can keep our children entertained while still ensuring that they continue to learn outside of school settings. We will quickly examine eight unique activities that could yield surprisingly beneficial results. 


Not only is stargazing a relaxing activity (assuming that they clouds are kept at bay), but this is a great way to teach your child that a great deal exists far beyond our humble planet.

Taking a Walk on the Beach 

Beach walks are excellent ways to obtain a bit of fresh air as well as to obtain exercise over the summer months. Encourage your child to find shells and then research the species with the help of a book or an online guide. 

Making a Kaleidoscope 

Arts and crafts should likewise never be overlooked. Creating a kaleidoscope from scratch is entertaining as well as educational. Parents can then monitor such an activity with the aid of this EYFS assessment observation and planning guide to gauge important metrics such as fine motor skills and the ability to follow directions. 

Constructing Boats from Milk Cartons 

This is another fun way to spend a lazy afternoon; especially if it happens to be raining outside. Creating cardboard boats from milk cartons will help children understand that items often serve more than one purpose; a valuable skill to possess later in life! 

Nature Excursions 

It is an unfortunate fact that some children equate the notion of “having fun” to staring at a smartphone screen for hours at a time. It is much healthier and productive to enjoy the great outdoors. Furthermore, a woodland walk this will help your little one release any pent-up energy that may be present. 

A Trip to the Zoo 

Why not instead plan an excursion to a nearby zoo? The zoo will provide entertainment for hours at a time and as many now offer child-friendly exhibits, they can result in numerous passive educational benefits. 

Flashlight Word Games 

Grab a torch and trace out letters on a wall once the sun goes down. Encourage your child to do the same. This activity can help to cement spelling and phonetic skills that were learned in the classroom. However, the settings themselves are obviously much more relaxed. 

Visiting the Local Park 

Summer educational activities can also take on a rather informal flavour. Taking a trip to a local park will enable your child to interact with his or her peers. These very same social skills can then be translated into the classroom once the next school year begins. 

Note that these are only eight examples of the countless activities that you and your child can choose to enjoy during the summer. As always, do not hesitate to perform additional research to uncover even more unique suggestions within a matter of seconds.