summer garden

4 Tips For A Perfect Summer Garden

Summer is agreed to be the best time of year to enjoy your garden. Evenings spent outside with something cool to drink, a light meal and perhaps a few friends are one of the low-key joys of any season, and it’s no surprise that the moment the skies turn more blue and less grey, supermarkets immediately start selling everything you need to have a proper barbecue. As the calendar starts pointing towards the middle of the year, then, it’s a good idea to think about the additions that you can make for this time of year. Read on to see how you and your family can get the most from the garden in these summer months…

Plant a whole bunch of wildflowers

Summer means long sunny days, and also long stretches of long sunny days, which can very quickly lead to a drought. Whatever you’re doing in your garden, it should not require a lot of watering because water is at a premium during the summer months. Wildflowers are wonderful because they grow in the most inhospitable conditions, and bring a real splash of color to the place without needing to be too closely nurtured. 

Keep it low-maintenance

The summer months bring out the gardener in many people, and you’ll know that’s true if you’ve ever braved a garden center in June. In truth, you should keep garden work to a minimum in the hotter months, as it’s next to impossible to do anything major in the garden without a dangerous level of sun exposure. Of course you should also consider using products from MOOWY to help your garden along. They have some terrific things to help your garden to thrive…

Allied to the point about limiting your water use, it really makes more sense to only plant low-maintenance flowers and shrubs. If you’re going to push the boat out, consider planting a tree: they keep the soil healthy and provide shade, as well as a haven for wildlife.

More bees, not fewer

Okay, so nobody likes to be stung, but you should know the rule about bees – they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. In fact, bees have an important role to play in summer, pollinating plants and keeping wasps at bay. So, as well as those wildflowers – which bees love – you should set up a few bee hotels in your garden, and also set out some water stations. Because, yes, bees get tired and thirsty in summer too.

It’s even worth buying bees to release into the garden and let them spread out as an eco-friendly hack; their role in nature is that essential.

Lay a patio

As we’ve already noted, you don’t want to have a garden that needs a lot of watering, and installing a patio means you’ve got less space to irrigate. Call in the patio builders and put some thought into how you’re going to personalize your patio – a pergola is a good idea, as it provides shade which will be essential in summer. You can also add potted plants and set down beds and dishes for local wildlife. This boosts the local ecosystem and you’ll get a closer look at some cute critters.