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5 benefits to studying Spanish in sunny Spain

To study in Spain would be an absolute dream. I love Spain and the Spanish culture. I can say for certain that if I had the opportunity to live somewhere other than England it would be top of my list. There is no way that I would want to go without having learnt the language. Having tried numerous times over the years to get to grips with the Spanish language I can really see the advantage of an immersive course. Here we look at our top 5 benefits to studying Spanish in sunny Spain.

1. Immersion

It’s long been proven that learning to speak a different language is much easier if you’re actually learning it while in said country. There are so many advantages, namely the increased chance you have of being able to speak what you know on a regular basis. Even sitting in a café and listening to the conversations around you will help.

2. The culture

There is no doubt that Spain is a country rich in culture. I spent time in Barcelona a good few years ago and my visit is still something I treasure. For somebody keen on learning the language visiting cities and places of cultural heritage offers the opportunity to listen, speak and read the language. Enrolling in some Spanish Courses in Seville is high on my list of goals which I would like to achieve in the next couple of years and one of the cities which is on my must-visit list.

3. The glorious weather

One of the biggest attractions for us in the UK to visit Spain is for the weather. I’ve been in Spain a lot ‘out of season’ and the weather is a welcome relief to the cold and rain we have here. It has to be high on the list of reasons why you should study Spanish in Spain. I really enjoy being able to pick apart people’s conversations while sitting on the beach.

4. Food

Another top benefit to studying Spanish in Spain would undoubtedly be the food. Fresh fish and seafood cooked directly on the beach is hard to beat. Not to mention the Spanish tradition of serving tapas.

5. The light

The golden sunlight in Spain is perfect for incredible photographs to pepper your Instagram feed with. Imagine waking up at sunrise and capturing Seville just as the heat of the day starts to intensify. The old streets and whitewashed buildings are just waiting to be found.

I hope your found this post useful? Spain is such an amazing country and somewhere I love returning to again and again. The language is beautiful and spoken to widely around the world. Mastering the Spanish language is a no-brainer for me…