exploring STEM subjects with your child

Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

Collaborative Post

The future relies on STEM subjects. It’s responsible for producing some of the brightest minds and inventors that we rely on to keep us moving forwards. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and more recently was expanded to form STEAM. The abbreviation now includes Art and was added to promote imagination and creative thinking amongst children. We have teamed up with a girls’ school London to share the ways in which you can explore STEM with your child.

Maths Games

There’s a long list of maths games that you can find for your child to play online. From multiplication penalty shoot outs to action-adventure games. They will have a lot of fun playing while also practising and fine tuning what they have learned at school. As maths logic is needed for subjects other than maths, like IT and science for instance, they can help children across the board.

Science Kits

Home science kits are fun because they involve DIY and the thrill of adventure as children get to experiment. Some contain cool accessories like miniature microscopes which gives them a feel for what it’s like to be an actual scientist. 

Coding Games

Code is fun to create anyway, but there are games out there that have been developed to make the learning experience even more fun. Games like Code Karts where children must complete logical puzzles, Scratch Junior which introduces them to different languages and Tynker Coding Adventures. The great thing about them all is that they are free. 

Outdoor Learning Opportunities

There’s potential to teach almost anything outdoors. It lends itself well to science lessons as you can teach children about plant biology and forces which are only two to name. This just goes to show that you can teach anything, regardless of the resources that you have available.