This week has been a crazy week for me to be perfectly honest.  Between incidents with cars powering down in the middle of the freeway to brakes going completely out, to people with bee stings and their hands swelling up to the size of a blood orange and looking something like that particular color as well. I have struggled just to make it to the end of this week.  But I know weeks like this happen from time to time.  We cannot do much about them.  As a result, I have had much on my mind.

Giving To My Audience

And then I took to reading a blog post by Ana De Jesus, author, and fashionista behind the Faded Spring website.  She talked about giving back to her audience.  It is important that we engage with the audience we had.  As an author, I have to admit that I appreciate so much the people who read my blog and enjoy what I have to write about.  As much as I love writing, I would not be the writer I am today without the audience that reads my work.  You make my life meaningful.

As such, I wanted to give something back to my audience.  But what?  What could I give them that would be something different and yet uniquely me?  Aside from maybe some crazy story about alien hot dogs from the planet bun out to take over the universe by the power of gas.  Whether or not they can do this we could debate.  After moments of debating the question of whether hot dogs would take over the universe, I decided this would not be good enough.  I needed something more to give.

A Stranger Nightmare . . . Maybe

Then I decided to stop everything and just watch Stranger Things.  Ok, maybe I spent a good time staring at the countdown to Stranger Things 2 as second by second and minute by minute trickled by until midnight West Coast time.  And that got me wistful for last season and what happened last season.  I definitely could not think of Stranger Things without the Demogorgon.  A creature with a flower for a head willing to spread its seed and take out the world from the Upside Down.  And then I rocked myself to sleep worried about the nightmare I might have.

But after being worried about my nightmares and the therapy bills I may need to incur I started thinking about Eleven.  Who was she?  Where did she come from?  And why is it that Hollywood thinks that all crazy girls need to shave their heads?  I am not sure whether I could come up with any of the answers, but supposedly season two answers many of them for me.  Whether or not it does, you will have to see for yourself.

My Bright Idea

This got me to thinking about how much my audience knows about me.  I’m a writer so I suppose I reveal a little bit of myself every day.  But how much do you really know?  I have done posts about 10 things to know about me.  And I have done poetry posts.  I suppose I have revealed a lot.  But that got me to thinking about what my audience would like to know about me.  And that made realize, I wanted to create an interactive post.

I suppose all posts are a bit interactive.  As a blogger, I invite you to participate at the end of the post.  And you could ask me any questions you wanted, and I would try to get back to you.  But I wanted to be a little more direct here.  And so I am going to leave it up to you to get to know a little bit more about me.  Bring on the questions.  I will pick the top ten questions from here and answer it in a blog post next week.  They can be as wild or strange as you want them to be.  Just don’t ask me why I buzzed my head in college or why I sympathize with women who wear heels so much.

So here I am being open and excited to see what kinds of questions you can come up with.  It will be my first fully interactive post.  And we shall see how all of that works.  Plus, for those of you who are bloggers, or have something you would like me to publicize, please include that in your comments so that I can add that to the post next week.  I like to be able to publicize my audience work as well.  I look forward to what you can come up with.

Continue The Conversation –

Ok, maybe this post is all about a conversation.  It’s kind of a different version of some podcasts mailbag.  And for those of you who love Stranger Things, what did you think of the first season?  What things are you interested in as far as the upcoming season?  And do you have a theory about the story behind Will and Eleven?  Plus, don’t forget to ask me your questions.

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Until next time, this is me signing off.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life