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4 Tips That Will Keep You Safe On The Road

Once you’re behind the wheel, road safety should be your top priority. There’s so much that can go wrong if you ever make a mistake, and even if you drive perfectly, you’re not completely safe. There’s always the fact that other drivers can be unpredictable, and you’re not always going to be sharing the road with people driving as they should be.

If you’re going to be safe in your vehicle at all times, then you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can. For the sake of your safety, and that of your passengers, hazards on the road are something you should be very aware of.

Have your tyres checked

If you’re a new driver, there’s a high chance you’ve never had to replace your tyres. It’s easy to take them for granted, but you should be aware that they’re not going to last forever. The treads wear down, and slowly they become less and less effective at gripping the road. That means if you’re ever taking a turn too quickly, or you need to make an emergency stop – your tyres aren’t going to grip as well as they should. Make sure to stop in with Maxxis Tyres to keep your car safe while driving. Always check the treads and make sure they’re not too worn down before you get out for a drive.

Removing distractions

Sometimes being distracted is far too easy, but you can’t afford for that to happen when you’re in the driver’s seat. All it takes is a moment of being distracted to cause a collision, which is why it’s so important that you deal with any distractions before your engine is one. If distractions pop up while driving, for example, your passengers are being too lively – you should pull over as soon as possible until the situation is dealt with. It’s not worth trying to drive if your attention is at risk of being stolen away from the road.

Always maintain a safe distance

No matter how confident you are in your reaction time, the time it takes your vehicle to stop can vary based on a number of different conditions. Whether it’s your tyre condition, the weather, the road you’re driving on, or otherwise – it’s never worth the risk. Always be sure you’re maintaining the correct distance from the car ahead of you. You never know if they’ll come to a sudden stop, and if that were to happen you need to be ready for it.

Be predictable

As mentioned before, you can’t predict what other drivers on the road are going to do, but you should be making sure you’re as predictable as possible. Making sudden decisions, or doing things that you shouldn’t be while driving puts you and everyone else in danger. Be sure that whenever you make a decision, it’s planned and thought out – not a sudden spur-of-the-moment turn when you’ve shown no prior indication that that’s what you were going to do.