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It’s that time of year again, when you head to the garage, attic or basement to drag out boxes of baubles, tinsel and festive ornaments. Christmas is nearly upon us – if the sudden appearance of fruit mince pies and Christmas pudding in grocery stores is anything to go by. With each passing day, the checklist of things to do seems to grow: from setting up decorations and keeping track of events, to finishing (or starting) the gift shopping, on top of the usual day-to-day busyness. With all that on your mind, it can be a big ask to even consider shaking up the Christmas decor.

If you do find yourself looking at those tired, old decorations and wishing you could do something fresh this year, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re ready to splash out on a whole new set of Christmas goodies, or looking to update and upgrade your existing collection, these simple tips will help you bring a new element of style to your holiday decor this year.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Need a total reset for your Christmas get-up? If you’ve got the budget and the time, it can be worthwhile just starting from scratch. If your old ornaments are in good condition you could consider donating them, but if they’ve seen better days it could be time to send them to their final destination (the dump). From there, you have full artistic freedom to bring in the design style of your choice. Looking for some inspo? Consider these trending themes.


Rustic charm will never go out of fashion, and definitely has its place when it comes to festive styling. Look out for raw wood ornaments, cane baskets, unbleached linen or burlap gift sacks and table runners, and little touches like pine branches and cones, or dried orange slice garlands.


For a classy, uncluttered look, consider the modern, minimalist way of decorating. The key is selective touches of festivity, leaning towards more natural styles. A Christmas tree dressed simply with twinkling lights and/or a single type of ornament, branches of leafy green foliage, perhaps a couple of garlands, and some tastefully arranged collections of ornaments or statues, typically in pastels or more muted tones. 


Red is key to pulling off a traditional Christmas look. Use it in accent pieces across your decor design alongside gold and silver elements and plenty of deep green plant matter in the form of wreaths, branches, and the all-important tree. If you love a more full, detailed display, this is a great design choice for really letting loose.


If you love bright colours and sweet, interesting knick-knacks, a whimsical and fun Christmas theme may be right up your alley. Beautiful rainbow felt-ball garlands, baubles bursting with colour, candy-striped gifts, quirky characters peeking out from around cherry pastel trees you really can dress it up your way and let your personality shine.

A new take on old favourites

Not keen to go back to the beginning with your decoration collection? Here are some handy hacks for breathing new life into old ornaments and tired tinsel that are budget-friendly, thrifty and low-waste.

Spray away

Have some decor items in good shape, but want to update your colour scheme? Grab a can of spray paint and go nuts! This trick works for things like baubles, statues and other non-porous yuletide decorations.

Add flora

Natural or clever fakes, pieces of greenery and flowers can really jazz up your old decor and add a fresh, vibrant element to your Christmas tree. Weave some flowers into a wreath or pop some branches up on the mantel alongside candles, small trees or gift boxes.

Put a ribbon on it

There’s precious little in this world that doesn’t instantly look more festive with the simple addition of a ribbon tied into a bow. From gifts and ornaments to household items like wall sconces and umbrella stands, you can pop a bow just about anywhere. Better still, you can mix and match, trying out different colours each year without having to change up your whole stash of decorations.

Sometimes what you take away is just as important as what you add in. Whatever route you take, remember quality over quantity  when it comes to the world of Christmas decorating. Work on building a single, cohesive style and your house will truly be dressed to impress whether you’re having the family over for the big day, or you just want to enjoy that holiday vibe when chilling at home.