100 Reasons To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm: Part Four

**** While I have been provided tickets and other amenities from Knott’s Berry Farm and have functioned as a Brand Ambassador these past two years, all of the following content is strictly my own opinion.****

We are coming down the home stretch of Knott’s Berry Farm Magic as we once again visit the top 100 reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm, or possibly the top 100 reasons Knott’s is amazing.  One of those.  Either way, we crossed 45 with a list of great reasons to visit which all included the amazing Knott’s Merry Farm.  So many delicious treats and magical things to visit during the Christmas season.  I love the trees, lights, shows, and just that little extra touch of magic they bring to the park every night.  Plus, if you don’t love the Krazy Kirk Christmas spectacular, what’s wrong with you?  Well, we are back once again for 100 Magical Reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm #46-60. 

And you thought I would run out of reasons by now.  But hah!  The hits just keep on coming.  As Knott’s is celebrating its 100th Anniversary, the Guide thought it would be apropos to come up with 100 reasons to visit the park.  We began with the boysenberry, because . . . duh!  But now we move on to some of the magical little parts of the park you do not always think about.  We haven’t touched Soak City or Independence Hall yet.  But we are about to.

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

When it comes to an amusement park, one truly invested in the theme it purports to celebrate, it takes a lot of behind the scenes work and effort to make it all come off seamlessly.  Endlessly preparing for shows, call times, food fails or successes, ride organization, etc.  It all can seem a bit overwhelming in the end.  Let alone considering all of those amazing people at Knott’s Social media and their marketing team which tries to promote everything they have to the public. 

Every aspect of the park must work in concert with each other if you are going to make a Theme Park successful.  And while Knott’s hasn’t been a theme park for 100 years, it has been a Berry Farm.  And a theme park not too long after once Knott installed the ghost town.  With every patch of land purchased, and every new attraction added, Knott’s had to learn how to organize a team of individuals invested in one goal. 

We at the Guide salute them for their effort and ingenuity each day.  And we want to make sure you do not forget the man sweeping up the dropped food or doing that massive pratfall, all to bring a smile to you and your family’s faces.  It is with that in mind we bring to you 100 Magical Reasons to Visit Knott’s Berry Farm #46-60.

100 Reasons To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm: Part Four – Reasons #46-60

46) Independence Hall 

Knott's Berry Farm Independence Hall

Walter Knott once made a trip out east to see everything they had going on about American History.  As he was a lover of the old west, anything historical appealed to him.  And in Independence Hall, he saw something that he felt people on the West Coast absolutely had to see.  From the Declaration of Independence to the First Continental Congress to the Constitution and the site of the first Congress of the new Constitution, Independence Hall exuded historical significance. 

Knott saw this and wanted to give something to people they could see on the West Coast that displayed history, even if they couldn’t make a trip all the way back east.  So he created a brick for brick recreation of Liberty Hall out West.  And it was the sight of where National Treasure was filmed.  You will want to go inside someday just to bask in a place the framers of our American government developed the theory and practice of our Constitution.

47) The Liberty Bell 

Knott's Berry Farm The Liberty Bell

It’s one thing to get a recreation of Independence Hall. It’s an entirely different thing to get a recreation of the Liberty Bell which sits in Liberty Square.  All the way down the crack in the bell and the misspelling of the state Pennsylvania, the Bell is a life-size recreation of the famous bell which ushered in our American Government and way of life.  If you are looking for a slice of history you can catch on the West Coast, there is no place better than seeing the Liberty Bell in Independence Hall.

48) Tidal Wave Bay 

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

When it comes to places in the world I can be grateful for, it would seem strange Tidal Wave Bay in Soak City would register on the list of reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm.  But to be honest, it really helped my daughter with her fear of water.  For a while, thereafter an incident in a Mommy and Me swimming class, my daughter didn’t want to see the water let alone put her foot in it.  But slowly but surely she relented. 

And a lot of this had to do with the Wave Pool at Knott’s.  She would get to go inside and play in the water to her heart’s content, splashing in the waves and seeing how high she could jump in the water.  As she’s grown older, I’ve become more nervous about how deep the water she goes in.  But I am forever grateful for how it helped her get more comfortable being in the water.

49) Sunset River 

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

What the wave pool was for my daughter and the water, the river was for my daughter and her desire to learn how to swim.  She would go in there, at only a couple of feet deep and practice her strokes as we moved down the river slowly, enjoying the peace and solitude as well as seeing if my daughter could dunk me under the cold pale of water.  **Still shivering at the prospect.** If you enjoy the peace while your kids like water parks, this is the place to be.

50) Pig Pen 

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

There’s just something about Pig Pen you have to love.  He knows who he is, completely.  And he’s absolutely comfortable in his own skin.  You are going to love him, or you are going to loathe him.  But he will always be his same lovable self.  It’s a quality you have to admire.  And Knott’s added Pig Pen for the Peanut’s festival a couple of years ago to its bevy of characters.  He’s a scream when he’s in the Barn taking care of the Pigs during the Peanut’s festival.  And now they have added him to their regular rotations of Peanut’s gems to see.  Among the reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm, this has to be up there.

51) Peanut’s Animation School 

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

This is one of my favorite reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm.  The other major local theme park took ideas from Knott’s when it began as an amusement park so long ago.  So why not return the favor.  During Spooky far a couple of years ago, they decided to teach how to draw some of your favorite Peanut’s Characters.  It did so well they decided to bring it to the Peanut’s festival and it has remained there ever since.  Go in and learn how to draw Linus, Lucy, Charlie, Sally, Snoopy, Pig Pen, and so many more of the beloved characters.  Your child will develop their love of art from it.  I know mine did.

52) Great Picture Spots During The Peanut’s Festival 

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

I know it’s one thing to enjoy watching some of your favorite cartoon characters to come to life.  It’s another thing to actually transform yourself into the Cartoon itself.  I love the fact that Knott’s puts up some of the greatest lines from the beloved Peanut’s cartoons and put them as speech bubbles throughout Camp Snoopy.  You can take some of the greatest shots imaginable with yourself or your loved ones sitting next to them.  Even better if you can get them to act out the dialogue.  Absolutely hilarious!

53) Jelly of the Month Club 

Jelly of the Month Club At Knott's Berry Farm

What is the absolute best made from peanuts? Peanut Butter!  And what is the absolute best thing to go with Peanut Butter?  Jelly of course!  Which makes this great band, the Jelly of the Month Club, the perfect partner to all things Peanut’s during the Peanut festival.  They are talented performers as well as doing some of the most fun songs your whole family will enjoy.  And they drag those Peanut’s pals up on stage with them, which makes it even more entertaining and one of the great reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm.  Make sure you catch them this next Peanut’s festival coming in January.

54) Knott’s Candy Parlour 


I have to say, the Knott’s Candy Parlour has turned me into a bit of an addict.  I love going in there and choosing from a grab bag of delicious Candy delicacies which I should probably be avoiding but my sweet tooth demands.  Just the sheer selection of sour balls has me reeling thinking about it.  And then there’s the taffy, the other dummies, chocolates, boysenberry flavored treats . . . I have to stop now or I will be running off there this very moment.  And if you get caught in there you might not get out so easily yourself.

55) Knott’s Accelerator 

Accelerator at Knott's Berry Farm

For thrill rides, it gets your heart pumping in just a matter of seconds. From 0 to 82 in 2.3 seconds and then bursting 205 feet in the air before heading straight down, you hardly have time to breathe before you find yourself careening downhill straight toward the ground.  And then it shoots off and away like a near miss before it eventually winds its way to a stop.  When it comes to thrill rides, my daughter rates this as her favorite, which makes it one of mine as well.  And among the rides, it’s one of the best reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

56) Knott’s Christmas Craft Fair

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

In my haste to come up with 15 reasons to visit Knott’s Merry Farm during the holidays, I seem to have forgotten one of the most important ones: the Christmas Craft Fair.  With all kinds of artisans coming out to ply their amazing wears and confectionary delights, you will not want to miss this part of Knott’s during the Christmas season.  Beautiful art projects, paintings, crafts, hand made and woven clothing, as well as sweet treats, abound.  It’s a must go-to for my daughter and I every year.  It will be for you as well.

57) Supreme Scream

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

Want to see a majestic view of Buena Park which rivals the Sky Cabin?  And at the same time find a need for speed? You can’t go wrong with Supreme Scream.  Be lifted a record 252 feet into the air and hang there a few seconds with your life flashing before your eyes.  Then find yourself in a free fall, careening straight down for 3 seconds before rebounding a little bit and settling down before your feet finally plant on the ground.  It’s a blast your adventurous teens won’t want to miss out on should they get the chance.  But if it’s not your scene, take them there and enjoy a dip n’ dots right next door and laugh at their terror.

58) Knott’s Toy Junction

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's Berry Farm

One might not think of a Toy Shop in the Old West.  But come to Calico and you will see how seamlessly it fits into the larger town.  Go inside and see a plethora of magic tricks, toys, and decor to delight the young and old alike.  My daughter and I always have to stop by and see what’s going on, and what new trinkets they have for sale.  Just prepared to bring your wallet with you because I’m guessing you will find something you feel like you cannot live without.

59) Panning For Gold At Knott’s 

Panning for Gold At Knott's Berry Farm

When one thinks of California and the Old West, one will inevitably remember the Gold Rush and all the people who came out here to make their fortune and glory.  Many did not survive the trip.  And of those who survived, few became the millionaires they wanted to be.  But they took their life into their own hands and made an adventure for themselves.  California history is one of the great reasons to visit Knott’s Berry Farm.  Knott’s allows you to relive this a little with their Panning for Gold at Knott’s.  It does come with a slight extra cost but your kids will learn all about panning for gold and take with them their own gold flakes from the experience.  If your students are learning California History, you cannot go wrong with this little experience at Knott’s.

60) Charlie Brown 

Charlie Brown and Me at Knott's Berry Farm

As this post did seem to have a Peanut’s Festival Theme to it, one cannot do the Peanut’s without one of the most beloved Peanut’s of all: Charlie Brown.  Yes, he might be a bit of a loser.  But he has a great heart and is one of the most lovable losers of all time.  Knott’s Berry Farm would not be the same without him.  And Snoopy would not be the lovable dog he is if he were not under Charlie’s care.  That has to say something about him.  So enjoy your meet and greets with one of the best dog owners there is.

Wrapping Up 100 Reasons To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm Part Four

So we took a stroll through much of the Peanut’s Festival, as well as highlighting the Independence Hall area, and Soak City.  So much to see at Knott’s all year long you can hardly believe it.  It often feels like a year is not enough.  It’s possible that’s why we keep going back time after time after time.  Aside from working with Knott’s Berry Farm, which has been amazing.  And we still have another 40 to go.  Will we find another forty things to write about?  Will my brain explode before it’s done?  Anything is possible.  But we are excited to keep writing about the amazing park which is Knott’s Berry Farm all before the 100 year anniversary happens next year.

So, if you haven’t gotten yourself an annual pass already (for a ridiculously low per month price I might add), what are you waiting for.  You won’t want to miss all the fun, deals, opportunities, games, and excitement going on this year.  Not only will you be able to wax nostalgic, but you will be exposed to all kinds of amazing things for which you will hardly believe.  And in process, create some family memories which will last a lifetime.  I know my daughter and I will be there.  We hope to see you there as well.

Reasons to visit Knott's Berry Farm

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What makes Knott’s Berry Farm so amazing?  Which things do you like this best there?  What would you like to see improve?  If you have a favorite memory, what is your favorite memory there?  And for those who have never been, what is your favorite amusement park, and what is your best memory there?

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