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Common Reasons To Seek Legal Advice – A Guide For Dads

If you’re a fan of box sets or serial dramas, you could be forgiven for thinking that legal experts spend all their time in court working on high-profile cases. In reality, there are several reasons why people may seek legal advice, and the vast majority of cases don’t involve criminal activity or tense courtroom scenes. In this guide, we’ll explore some common scenarios, which may require you to hire a lawyer. 

Relationship breakdown

One of the most common reasons people seek legal advice today is the breakdown of a relationship. If you are married, you have children, or you share assets or investments with a partner, you may need to work with a legal expert to discuss issues such as divorce, custody and splitting assets. Hiring a lawyer can help you boost your chances of reaching an agreement that suits you and it can also reduce stress at what is likely to be a challenging time. If you are filing for divorce, or you’re trying to reach an agreement with your partner over custody of your children, it’s wise to take your time to find a legal firm. Research, read reviews, ask for recommendations and contact representatives to talk about your situation in more detail. It’s essential to ensure that you feel comfortable around your legal team and that you have confidence in their ability to represent you. 

Personal injury

Most of us would like to think that we will never find ourselves in a situation where we need to contact a lawyer about a personal injury claim, but accidents can happen to anyone. For instance, veterans injured in the line of duty can contact Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyers like those at Stone Rose Law (more details here) to obtain the benefits they deserve. If you have been injured at work or in a public place, or you were involved in a road accident that was not your fault, you may wish to consider contacting personal injury attorneys and finding out more about making a claim. Look for a firm that will provide effective legal representation. Read testimonials and focus your search on a firm that has an excellent track record. It is important to note that you can only claim compensation if you sustained injuries as a result of negligence on somebody else’s part. If you were liable for the incident, your claim will not be approved.

Property and real estate

If you are buying or selling a house or an apartment, you will need to go through legal processes to transfer the asset to another person. The process involves carrying out searches and checks and exchanging contracts. If you are purchasing a new home, or you’re keen to sell, give yourself enough time to find a firm to oversee the transaction for you. It’s helpful to read testimonials and to ask friends, colleagues or family members who have been through the process for recommendations. 


If you own a business, or you have ambitions to launch a startup, it’s beneficial to seek legal advice. Setting up a new company can be complex, and it’s best to have experts in your corner to help with tasks and issues, such as compliance, copyrighting and drawing up employment contracts. Once your business is up and running, you may also need to reach out if you encounter problems, including employee disputes or customer complaints. You’ll also need to speak to a lawyer if you’re thinking about selling your business, transferring assets or winding up the company. 

Estate planning

Nobody wants to think about departing this earth, but this is an eventuality that we all face. Preparing in advance is beneficial, especially if you have dependents or you own property, business assets or cash funds that you want to pass on to your children, family members or a charity. If you have ideas or plans, it’s important to put everything down on paper. If you have a will, you can provide guidelines and instructions for your family and friends, including details about who you want to be the executor, how you want your funeral to be organized, and how you want to divide your assets. There are different types of wills available. If you arrange a consultation with an expert, they can help you create a will that covers everything you want to put on paper. 

Many of us automatically conjure up dramatic images of intense courtroom exchanges when we hear the word ‘lawyer.’ In reality, there are many reasons why people seek legal advice. From relationship breakdowns and launching new businesses to claiming personal injury compensation and estate planning, legal experts cover a diverse range of practice areas. If you need advice, you have questions, or you find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer to represent you, take time to research firms, meet with representatives and decide which practice suits you best.

Tips to find the best lawyer

Whatever your reason for seeking legal advice, it’s important to find the best lawyer. If you’ve never been in a situation where you need legal support before, it can be daunting to think about trawling through websites and making multiple calls. To help you narrow down your options, it’s wise to focus your search on firms that specialize in the relevant area, for example, family law, or auto accidents if you’re looking for a car accident lawyer. Ask people you know and trust for recommendations, read verified client reviews and testimonials and choose a firm that has an excellent reputation. Make use of consultations and free calls and meetings to get to know different lawyers, research and compare fees and get an understanding of what you can expect from each firm. You want to choose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and gives you confidence that they will do everything in their power to get the right result. Take your time to make a decision.