how to raise a respectful child

How to Raise a Respectful Child

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When it comes to teaching your child about core values, one of them will be about the importance of respect. The act of being respectful involves your child being an effective listener, learning the importance of taking things in turns, helping others and many other strands. 

In this guide from one of these top New York private schools, we look at ways you can work to raise a child full of respect and honour.

Talk to your child about bad behaviour

Every now and then you’re able to tackle poor behaviour in a manageable way, but continuous offences can cause a rift between you if not addressed quickly. Point out each time your child misbehaves and point them in the right direction. Help them learn what are signs of good behaviour instead, and make it your goal to work on how they can continue to manage that.

When it comes to communication, let your child lead

A child will often turn to their parents to make critical decisions and so on. Instead, we should be showing our children how they can speak to us about what they think could be a good decision. Help them be a part of your decisions made in the home, and make them feel like they contribute positively towards a situation.

Provide your child with multiple ways to socialise

A lot of skills a child learns will come through conversations and taking in knowledge from other people. Socialising is a great way for a child to learn how respect can be used in different ways. They get to learn in real time how they can be effective listeners by pausing to wait for their friend to finish talking, as one example. Another example is when playing a game together, your child learns to respect one’s choice in the game, and follow their choice through to the end.