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How to Raise a Science Lover

Science answers many of our questions about life’s mysteries and can help us to keep moving forwards as a society with new inventions and life-changing technology. A prep school in Elstree shares tips on how to raise a science lover.

Ask Questions

You can spur your child’s fascination of science by presenting them with questions about the mundane, yet extraordinary, things in the world around us and how they work. They will be itching to find out, getting them to do their own research and investigation.

Build a DIY Solar System

Space is truly magnificent and mind-blowing when you think about how small we really are. To get your child into science, you can explore the universe and everything around us by building a solar system. You can create a fact file too with fun facts to go with to summarise the nature of each planet and what gravity is like on them.

Home Experiments

Experiments are what makes science fun. To get your child engaged and learning about science, why not do some practicals at home? This form of experiential learning is especially great for kinaesthetic learners that learn by doing.

Explore the Remarkable

Strong role models can empower your child and help get them into science. To do this, you can explore the work of genius scientists and the changes that they’ve made to the world.

Science Shows

TV shows and science YouTube channels that carry out crazy experiments can teach your child a lot about science and in an entertaining way too. A few shows that you might want to consider are the Magic School Bus, Blue Peter, Deadly 60 and Horrible Science.

Play with Water

You don’t need any fancy equipment to teach your child about science. All you really need is water. You can use it to deliver several science lessons such as lessons on particles to explain how they move and objects that can float and sink.