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Protecting Your Home Against Cracks & Leaks This Winter

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As the colder months are now approaching we look to ways you can protect your home from cracks and leaks. There are a host of things you can do to protect your home all year round that will ensure your home isn’t a place for mould or dampness during winter.

Here are some tips that this screw piles company recommends.

Assess the need for window repairs

Repairing the windows is the best way to help your home keep out the moisture and to also keep your home just a little bit warmer in the winter. Ensuring they shut and close properly also means that the amount of moisture reduces, thus reducing the amount of damp and cracks that can appear in the home.

Check the roof tiles

Damaged, cracked or missing tiles mean that moisture can fall through from the ceiling. With the amount of rainwater we get each year it’s worth keeping an eye on the top of your home to make sure rain is kept out. Replace these at times when it’s not raining to ensure you’re keeping as much moisture out as you can.

Assess foundations

When it comes to the level your foundations are at, you should be checking the level of moisture that builds up from the ground. If it’s too wet then the foundations will expand, and likewise if the ground is too dry surrounding your house. This is why you need to keep that space of your home at the right moisture and dryness all year round.

Reseal your doors

Pay attention to the doors – adding sealant to the outside and inside can keep that nasty draught out will help loads with the amount of potential damp coming into the front part of your home. It’s something we often forget about, but it’s really important when it comes to keeping cracks and leaks at bay.