productive home office

4 must have items for a productive home office

We all know how hard it was to suddenly be faced with ‘working from home’ during the Pandemic. As the time went on and the days started to turn to weeks I’m sure I’m not alone in finding a kitchen table and chairs wasn’t quite adequate anymore. People started to set up home offices to get more organised. Here are our 4 must have items for a productive home office.

1. A reliable printer

I went through reams of paper when the children started home schooling and very quickly I realised my printer was drinking ink and wasn’t reliable enough. I soon started to look around for a replacement. Having found one that was actually in stock I was delighted with all the updated features. I signed up to an ink subscription service too so that any replacement ink was already on its way once I started to get low. This was a game-changer at a time when everybody needed it.

2. An Office Chair

Selecting office chairs is usually down to a designated person in the office who really knows what you need to support your back etc. Most of us realised pretty quickly that it wasn’t realistic to just use what we had at home. Ordering a new office chair was a highlight for me. It made such a difference to use a chair specifically for office use and which supported my back in the right places, was adjustable and padded.

3. A desk

Considering the space available and the equipment you need to use or have to hand is the starting point for working out what kind of desk you need. Being able to spread out papers and have room for a monitor or two, a printer and all the paper files is definitely the key to success. It makes such a difference to be able to leave things out on your desk overnight too, rather than having to pack away every mealtime so the kitchen table can be in use for the family. Personally I love a clean-cut white desk, glossy if possible! Then I accessorise the room with lots of colour. A white desk will compliment the other pieces of furniture in the room.

4. Light

Be sure to consider light when you set up your home office. It’s lovely to have natural light and be close to a window that opens when you’re working, however, you need to consider whether any glare will bounce off the screen. It’s also worth considering whether, once the light fades, the artificial light you use will cast a shadow over your working space. I can’t emphasise how important this is as I have worked in so many poorly lit offices in the past and it can make such a different when you get the lighting right. There are some gorgeous options out these these days – happy shopping!

I hope you found this post useful? Having a comfortable and productive home office is so important and investing a bit of time into getting it right is so worthwhile. If you have any recommendations too, please do let us know in the comments below…