How to Prepare Your Child for their First Day in Nursery

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Your child’s first day in nursery should be exciting and invigorating for them. They’re going to have a lot of thoughts going through their head as well and it’s important that you facilitate the time for your child to learn about how fun nursery will be for them.

It’s important to prepare your child for nursery school well in advance. It will be quite a change for your child to get used to – they are not going to see you for much of the day and they’ll have to get to grips with lots of different things.

To get your child ready for their new journey, here are some tips from a Nursery in Tooting Bec.

Take your child to the nursery before their first day

You could take your child to the nursery they’ll be attending before their very first day just to get a feeling of what they’ll be experiencing. They may not remember every element of their experience, but you would be surprised at how much it will help your child familiarise themselves with their new space.

If this isn’t possible, take your child down on a day when the nursery is running as normal and ask a member of staff for a short tour around the building. Your child may get to meet some children they’ll make friends with when they start their first day.

Arrange playdates

A good idea is to get to know the parents in the local area and see if they are open to the idea of having a playdate with their child. Having the chance to have play dates with other children then they’ll feel a lot more comfortable on their first day. And your child also gets to make their first friends.

For you as a parent, getting to talk to other parents in the local area will help you get the latest information from the community. They may also be willing to help you with any support, and vice versa.

Get your child into the flow of learning

If your child is aware of how nursery schools are usually put together then the learning experience will be much easier for them to pick up. Your child gets used to the experience of learning new words, phrases and their first steps in numeracy and communication. 

Above all else, your child is going to be having lots of fun, so it’s important to remind them of how a nursery school will give them a whole new experience to love.