Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!  Or one of those variants, wherever you may be when you read this.  Welcome to the third installment of my poetry series.  I have written a couple of posts in the past called Inspired by Life and Inspired by Love.  Both of those posts tried to capture moments of poetry that have specific meaning to me.  The first set about life had to deal with things in my life that have inspired me.  They do not necessarily have a theme.  They were moments of inspiration that I have had in life.  The second set of poems involved a very specific time in my life where my poetry was inspired by love for another person.  Today, I have pieced together some of my work with another theme: poems about passion.

Poems About Passion

Lots of things inspire me in life.  Love inspires me as much as anything else.  Passion inspires me as well.  One could argue that in poetry that there isn’t a significant difference between love and passion, but I believe there is.  Passion can be found in very specific moments, while love burns each and every day, no matter how good or bad a day may be going.  So in that sense, passion can burn out quickly. But  I believe that passion is an important part of life.  Passion does drive us to action, whether in romance or in life.

Of course, beyond inspiration, I have been inspired by particular poets and poetry that have moved me.  When it comes to passion, there are two poets who stand out to me above all others.  William Shakespeare captures love and passion in their intensity and how they work together in relationships.  If you haven’t read his beautiful sonnets, you really need read them to see what an incredible poet he truly was.  Lord Byron, while just as beautiful as Shakespeare captures passion in individual moments better than anyone I know.  If you have not read She Walks In Beauty you are missing out on the individual description of beauty and passion that flares up in a moment that he attempts to capture for all time with his words.

In Honor Of My Inspirations

The following poems are all moments of passion that I have experienced with some amazing individuals, all of whom, I am glad to say, have beautiful hearts, and without their friendships, my life would truly be missing beauty.  I want to say to these people, thank you for your inspiration, your beauty, and the way you brought beauty to my life.  I will never forget you.

One last little tidbit before you get to the poetry, feel free to use Google Translate for the poem My Angel V.  It does a semi decent job even if my poetry is written in poor Italian, French, and Spanish.  I wrote in different languages for this poem because my inspiration spoke many different languages and I wanted to display my feelings for her in all language, no matter how broken it might be.

So without further ado, I present to you my next series of poems.

Inspired By Passion


First Loves

I loved her like my life would never break,

With reckless abandon, I lost my will,

Crossing bound’ries that angels fear to tread

Leaping from the apex of Everest’s hill.

Oh joy of joys, the rushing wind does make,

Where folly’s dreams uplift the spirits ’tilIllusion

Illusion blurs the lines, or some have said,

And all my dreams her promises does fill.

The ground is rushing like an ocean’s wake

Never knowing I’ll pay life’s lofty bill,

While head in clouds lying on her soft bed,

Delilah, she waits for my heart to kill.

The searing pain is just part of my past,

But this broken and brooding heart will last.


Passions Flowering

When lips to lips my love presses

In hopeful longing for my touch,

A blooming flower she caresses

With petals that quake beneath much

Desire, while I long for tresses

Draped on your tender skin and such.


My hand travails the empty space

Where flowers bloom in fragrant air

To hands that run a pleasing race,

And finished climax bees won’t dare;

My tongue will add to quickened pace

With musty treasures waiting there.


What joy of joys my beauty rides?

Her insides betray passions wake.

My rigid self warns fellow tides

As quake worn bodies ruptures make.

A treasured glow now fills insides,

With hearts as one our rest we take.


My Angel V

Il mio angelo V, Quando chiamo il tuo nome nella notte

E io so che tu sei sempre lì

Quando le parole espresse sono passati da cuore a cuore

E l’amore si esprime in un tocco

Quando all’alba e al tramonto il mio pensiero si protendono a voi

E di legare a prua perfetta.


Soñando sueños donde dos corazones laten como uno solo

Y el corazón late en sintonía

Mi ángel V, Cuando mis palabras no son suficientes

Sin embargo, el derrame de mi boca como la lluvia.

Cuando mi mundo se detiene en el tacto de la mano

Y la tierra sigue girando.


Le monde était sombre , mort et sans vie

Et il n’y avait pas d’ aller de l’avant.

Lorsque vous explosé dans mon être

Et vous avez apporté ce qui était mort à la vie.

Mon ange V,

Quand vos ailes font mon âme hausse

Et mon être tout entier prend son envol.


My angel V, When my heart sings at the sound of your voice.

And I am carried away by your tune.

My angel V,

With every day that passes by

I am enchanted by you more and more.

My Angel V,

If life were nothing but moments,

Then every moment is better spent with you.


First meetings

I’m sitting here alone awaiting you,

Who’s shrouded in mystery and romance,

And every minute that passes by I

I fear the ending of our little dance.


Pacing, counting, my heart begins to sink

Into my beating chest. I’m lost in pain;

My feet move forward off into the night,

With everything to lose and naught to gain.


I turn a corner when eyes stop my feet;

Alluring, brown, I have to catch my breath.

Your curves winding make Lombard very proud,

And lips to kiss that even transcends death.


My body tingles at your heavenly touch,

Prodding me to reach out to you in kind.

And tongues to part the mouths for longing kiss

With hands to reach the covered and unbind.


Clasps come undone as our skin produces fire

And cotton pushed show rivers flow about.

A divine treat, the smile upon your face

From raptures flow, I taste your coming out.


In crimson aura we desire much more

But life divines it has a better way.

And lips that meet which never want to part

Being broken but never losing zeal.


I need those lips to weather wary seas

A port in storm where I would never roam.

And balance in my life your heart it brings

For when I’m with you my heart knows it’s home.

Continue The Conversation

So which of these poems about passion inspired you the most?  Who are some of your biggest inspirations?  And what is your opinion of love versus passion?  Can one exist without the other? As always, I would love to hear from you about any of these particular poems, or any of your favorite authors.

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