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5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

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Outdoor learning activities will help your child use their skills in different environments. It helps their confidence, appreciate the outside world and they’re able to learn about their own strengths. Here are 5 activities you could try with your child today, as recommended by this private school in North London.

1. Camping

A classic with kids is camping. You’ll be able to take them to the outside world and let them appreciate the world around them. They’ll also be able to handle a range of different tasks. These can include setting up the tent, getting the cooking station prepared for some food and packing their bags for the trip.

2. Water play

Something that both toddlers and young children will enjoy is water play. You can use a bubble machine to get them interested in the different ways water can be used. Filling a paddling pool with water and getting some water machines can also help your child explore what makes water so interesting.

3. Sandpit play

Using a sandpit will be similar to water play in that your child is exploring a very different material. It’s soft and strong, but it can also be built up when water is added. Sand is always a fun and safe option that can take them out of the home.

4. Forest walks

Walks in the wilderness away from cars and technology will help your child learn about the world we’re in. Nature and taking in the wildlife, trees and plant life that they spot will give your child the awareness of biodiversity and enjoy what’s just on their doorstep.

5. Playing sports

Picking up sports will help your child learn how to manage their skills in a different environment they may not be used to. Sports are a great way to get children out of their comfort zone and have fun at the same time.