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Five flooring options for your new home office

If you work from home there is every likelihood that you spend most of the day in a workspace that is not only inviting but provides an environment that is pleasing to the eye when a client walks in.

Since your home office will keep you pretty much occupied it is essential to create an interior that is professional looking and easy to maintain. Even if your home office is a part of the home, it is important to have a functional working area and there is no better way to create one by selecting the type of flooring to match the ambiance of the room.

Timber flooring

Wooden floors have a classy look and are preferred by many in a home office, especially if it is located in an outhouse or in the garden. Engineers wood flooring and solid hardwood flooring are some of the ideal options for a home office floor. Wooden floors come at a price, but they are stylish and come in many designs and finishes.


Carpets for commercial use come in literally hundreds of patterns, styles, and colors that you will have no trouble in selecting one that goes with your home office interiors. Moreover, a good quality carpet will not only create an instant visual impact but will help deaden the outside sound and insulate the room. Occasional cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is all that is needed to maintain the carpet.

Vinyl flooring

This type of flooring should be laid in office areas where there is high footfall and which are exposed to the outdoors. Even if the floor gets stubborn stains, there will be no trouble in cleaning a vinyl floor. Moving cabinets and rolling chairs will not be an issue and will cause no harm to the floor. Additionally, vinyl is made from eco-friendly and recycled materials and is marketed in amazing patterns and colors.


Tiles, if laid evenly and correctly, are one of the most affordable and best options for any home office. Their sophisticated appearance and durability are hard to match with any other type of flooring, provided they are placed in the right way to avoid cracking and damage. Tiles could be either porcelain, stone or ceramic and come in a variety of textures, colors and shapes.

Laminate floors

Despite their cheap cost, laminate floors can be made to look stylish and lux. Again these floors are hereby highly resistant to stains, wear and tear and give an expensive look to the workplace. The range of colors and styles can be combined to give an exclusive look to any home office space. If you want to reduce the hollow sound given off when walking on laminated floors you can always lay a specific underlayer to act as a cushion.

Your domestic office is different from your bedroom and will benefit from efficiency rather than from comfort. Picking the furniture is no doubt important, but a compatible floor which goes with the decor will go a long way in giving this important place visual as well as functional appeal.