nature in your home

6 Clever Way To Bring Nature Into Your Home

Many of us lead modern lives that are far removed from nature. And while this approach has its comforts, there are also problems with it. Despite the fact that we feel civilized, we can’t let go of our connection to the natural world. And any attempt to break it entirely leaves us feeling anxious, fatigued and depressed. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the clever ways you can bring nature back into your home. These ideas will help improve both body and mind, potentially improving your life dramatically. 

Add A Natural Wall Mural

If you live in an apartment in the middle of a big city, access to green spaces, beaches, mountains and wildernesses is hard to come by. You might not even have a garden. 

Even so, you can still trick your brain into feeling that you’re in a far more natural environment than you already are. One way to do this is to add a wall mural. These instantly transform your space and make it feel like you’re peering out beyond the four walls of your accommodation. 

Build A Herb Garden

If you have space outdoors, you might also want to consider building a herb garden. Here you can grow plants, like rosemary or oregano, which you can then add to your cooking to make it taste even more authentic. 

To start a herb garden, all you need are a few pots. Most herbs will grow fine, so long as you don’t cram too many individual plants into each planter. Make sure to water them regularly. 

Collect Rainwater

Speaking of which, you can bring yourself closer to nature by collecting rain in water tanks. Most people use their roofs of large pieces of canvas to channel water down into containers which they then use for non-drinking purposes, such as watering their gardens. It can be a great way to reduce your bills and take care of the environment. 

Use Natural Wood And Fiber

You don’t have to use synthetic materials in your home anymore. In fact, today there is a strong movement back towards more natural products, such as wood and fiber. 

Manufacturers are improving their wares as well. A wooden table or chair, for instance, comes with treatments that will make it last much longer than it might have done in the past. Hemp is also becoming more popular because of its sustainability credentials and the fact that it instantly offers vintage appeal. 

Add A Living Wall

If you’re the person who likes taking things to extremes, then you might want to consider adding a living wall. Indoor versions typically feature succulents, orchids and other plants that can survive in low-light conditions. 

For your living wall to thrive, you’ll need a proper drainage and irrigation system. Most require a powered pump. However, these are quiet, and the results can be spectacular. 

Purchase Eco-Friendly Products

Lastly, commit to buying eco-friendly homewares only. Look for manufacturers with green credential and nature-approved business policies. Avoid vendors who ship their products long distances or use synthetic materials that won’t break down in the ground.