Your Master Bedroom

Three Bedroom Decor Ideas To Class Up Your Master Bedroom

It is often said that your home and your bedroom are extensions of yourself, as such it’s important to have a home and a bedroom that reflects your lifestyle, your vibe and the kind of idea you have about yourself. For many working dad’s you want to feel like you live in a fun and safe environment, but also one where you feel adult, responsible and maybe even a little bit classy. You’ve spent so much time designing and decorating your children’s rooms, it’s time to start thinking about yourself. Getting your life back after a bad breakup or whatever obstacles come in life’s way is all about feeling good and confident in yourself and there is no better way than having a dad-pad that reflects that. 

So if you’re looking to spruce up that old drab bedroom and breathe some new life and maybe even a splash of colour in there, this is the place to be! But what are the dad pad essentials, where do I begin? You may be asking. Well this list has you covered, with some fun fresh new ideas to implement in your home this year. 

Rustic Palette

It’s hard to find the balance for many men between expressing your masculinity while not seeming too macho or even piggish. Well for many wanting to still display their masculine side subtly without going over the top, the rustic look is the way. With strong dark and rich woody tones and furniture, there’s no better way to display your masuline side. The key here is subtly, simple but well made pieces: classy acacia wardrobes and bedside tables; coastal or forest inspired artwork, simple white bed sheets and so on. In no time you’ll be the envy of your friends with your rustic inspired room. 

Feature Wall

It’s hard for us as men sometimes to escape the drab, humdrum styles that we usually tend to reach for as opposed to the full colour spectrum that women go for. But we shouldn’t limit ourselves as men. A splash of colour can go a long way. The beauty of the feature wall is that essentially you only need enough paint for a quarter of your room, keeping the other three in their original tones without the worry of them feeling plain or uninteresting. The feature wall is a bright pop of colour without being too loud or overwhelming the eye. This essentially means that you can go as crazy as you want (within the limit). This means you can still keep your room sensible whilst letting in a bit of colour as well.

House Plants

Houseplants are a fun and vibrant way of sprucing up your home. You’re bound to have one or two dotted around your house, tucked away in corners and barely seen, but make them a key and essential part of your decor. House plants add colour and points of interest around your house.

As with all of these etsy and pinterest are great places to get some inspiration and get started on ideas.