make your room look bigger

3 Tricks To Make Your Room Look Bigger

According to news reports, UK living areas have reduced in size by one-third, leaving homeowners getting creative in their decorating choices. Working with a small space may appear easy, but without well-thought-through measures, you may create a cluttered area. Many interior decorators recommend some tricks to help you create a comfortable home even when you don’t have a lot of space. Below are a few of them.

Use rugs and carpets to define spaces

Sometimes, a wide stretch of carpet in your living room isn’t a good idea if you have limited space. That’s because they can make the room look bulky and without flow. Certain colours and textures may also not help if you intend to make the room look bigger and create harmony. It is why interior decorators often prefer defining living room spaces like the television area, a reading spot, and the leisure sitting area.

Without any wall partitioning, a rug or patterned carpet does the job of opening up the room. Or consider having tongue and groove flooring throughout, creating a fantastic flow and a beautifully spaced-out room. You will find contemporary designs that can match any modern living room theme. 

Neutral-coloured paints

It is no secret that plain or neutral-toned colours create an illusion of space. Interior decorators believe light bounces off these hues and reflects across the room. So, if you have intentions to make your room look bigger, you may want to get the right paint colour. White, off-white, beige, and cream are examples of neutral tones that can work the much-needed magic in your house. The effect would be more pronounced when the ceiling and walls are painted in the same shade.

The seamless flow from the ceiling to the wall is a widely-used interior design trick you can employ in your home. Unfortunately, only a few people can use this technique effectively. At the same time, neutral-coloured walls and ceilings can make your rooms look too clinical and bland. Therefore, a few splashes of colour at vantage points would be needed. For instance, positioning potted indoor plants along the walls would blend well with the neutral tones.

Hang your curtains closer to the ceiling

This one is an age-old interior decorating trick. Floor-to-ceiling curtains make any room feel larger than it is. The trick is to ensure that the curtains end on the floor without letting them pool excessively at the base, which can take away from the look you intend to create. Furthermore, it is recommended to use the right curtain rod for this purpose. If your curtain fabric is heavier than the rod, it will alter the shape at the top. The rod choice will be important unless you’re using voile curtains. 

Indeed, there are several other options to explore to make your room look bigger. Remember that whatever you do must blend with the general theme of the space. Fortunately, these tricks are inexpensive, and you can DIY some projects to save money. If you can afford it, hire an expert to help.