living in London

Living Like a Local: Insider Tips for Making the Most of Your Stay in London 

London is certainly one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. Not only is this metropolitan area a major hub for international businesses, but countless others choose to visit for nothing else than to experience all that the city has to offer. While there is nothing wrong with taking on the role of a tourist, many feel that embracing a local mindset will open up unique opportunities that might not otherwise be available. How can you begin to live like a local without becoming simultaneously overwhelmed? Keep reading to discover some sure-fire strategies. 


London is home to numerous international brands and these tend to represent tourist magnets. Why not instead take a walk off of the beaten path by frequenting boutique establishments? There are many independently owned retail businesses (such as those found along Brick Lane) that will provide a unique level of insight that is not always possible when visiting high street locations. These are also excellent venues if you wish to connect with Londoners; leading us into the next main point. 

Take Advantage of the London Nightlife 

Londoners are fond of evenings out on the town. Now, we are not necessarily recommending that you spend hours tossing back pints in this case. There are plenty of other locations (such as local upscale restaurants, coffee shops and cyber cafes) that will provide numerous opportunities to meet others. It is once again prudent to avoid the tourist-laden areas, as the chances are high that you will instead encounter others much like yourself who have yet to become acclimated to the city itself. 

Select Comfortable Accommodations 

Relocating to London (even on a short-term timeframe) can be slightly unsettling and you might find it difficult to adjust; especially if you have previously resided in more rural locations. This is why it is crucial to provide yourself with a firm foundation. The luxury short term lets in London here offer a second-to-none 

synergy of style, design, privacy, and personalisation. They are strategically placed throughout the city and unlike traditional hotels, rental options are flexible if you decide that you wish to stay for a longer period of time. 

The Prospect of Co-Living 

This final strategy can also be referred to as cohabitation. As you might have guessed, co-living involves sharing an apartment with a Londoner who is also hoping to meet new people. After all, why not learn the ropes from someone who already possesses a fair amount of experience? 

Staying in London for any prolonged period of time can be fun, exciting and at times, a bit overwhelming. This is why planning well in advance is the best mindset to adopt. Note that the recommendations mentioned above are only a handful of strategies to consider. Do not hesitate to search online for other useful tips and tricks. London is calling. Are you ready to answer the phone?