linen closet

Clever storage ideas for a neat and functional linen closet

The linen closet is quite the workhorse of the house. From your towels, sheets and extra pillows, to all the random items that definitely don’t belong there this small space can easily become overstuffed. It’s especially annoying when you’re having to dig through all that clutter just to unearth a fresh towel or clean pillowcase.

That said, a cluttered closet doesn’t have to be ‘inevitable’. A couple of minor changes is all it takes to turn your it into a tidy, functional and even aesthetically pleasing space. Plus, it’s a great way to look after all your bedding, sheets and pillow cases especially if you’ve just bought a new bedding set! 

Here are 6 effective ideas to transform your linen closet in a way that makes tidiness a priority.

1. Use A Caddy Designed For Hanging Your Ironing Board

This is a surprisingly effective space saver. Leaving your ironing board idly lying around ready to go uses up plenty of valuable space. It’s worth investing in a caddy that’s specially made for hanging your board vertically, preventing it from cluttering up your closet and getting in the way of any doors. Plus there’s no chance of a precariously balanced ironing board falling out at you! 

2. Group Your Sets Of Matching Sheets In A Hanging Organiser

Those who have a closet with a rod will find this idea quite handy. Store larger matching sheets in multiple shelves of a hanging organiser and keep them well-isolated, but still readily accessible when it’s time for new linens for the bed. 

If you’ve invested in quality sheets this will also help them stay in great condition! The cubbies in this organiser are perfect for keeping sheets flat and neat. Not everyone has ample shelving space inside their closet, so this ends up being a great alternative.

 3. Fold & Stash Matching Sheet Sets Into Pillowcases

Pillowcases do far more than simply covering up your pillows. The trick in pulling this idea off is to carefully fold your fitted sheet, flat sheet and the second pillowcase (if there is one) into a rectangular shape. Once this is done, tuck the entire bundle inside the other pillowcase. While it may take a little extra time, when you need to take out this set for use, everything comes out neatly with as few wrinkles as possible.

It’s also good to be able to stack these bundles according to size (i.e. king, queen, or single); or alternatively, based on rooms these sheets are to be used for (master, children’s bedroom, guest room, etc). As long as the pillowcases hold these sets together, you can count on your sheets staying flat and organised without sliding around. If you have ten or more different sets of sheets, it might be of extra help to incorporate shelf dividers to keep your stacks straight.

4. Utilise Collapsible Bins For Sheets & Towels

Your towels and bedsheets take up a lot of personal real estate and create a fair bit of height when you fold them flat and pile them on top of each other. That is why we recommend making use of collapsable labelled bins. Look for bins with front flaps that fold down easily, allowing you to conveniently grab and go whatever sheets you need, instead of digging around and dislodging part of a tall stack.

 5. Use Wire Baskets & Label Them Properly

Wire baskets (or bins) are amazing for containing a bunch of miscellaneous bedroom and bathroom items, especially the type with liners. Think about all those cleaning supplies, along with brushes, rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, unwrapped bars of soap and tubes of toothpaste, etc. You only want to see them at the very moment you need them. Wire baskets ensure each one is clearly labelled according to its contents. It’s all about keeping these necessities out of sight (not out of mind) 99% of the time.

 6. Have An Adjustable Multiple-Tier Rack

Are you faced with the problem of simply having no shelf space left? Don’t worry! Create your own. There are a wide range of storage solutions out there for you to take your pick from. You can use a shelf, or an item like a blanket box – get creative. Depending on their weight, these adjustable racks can be useful for storing a variety of stray toiletries, hand towels, rags, bars of soap, creams and bottles. Plus, it will help to keep things organised and in their place!

Whether you have a large, spacious linen closet or one tucked away in the hallway, it doesn’t need to be a struggle every time you open the doors! With these neat and tidy tips, you won’t have to worry about linen spilling out any time soon.