For the past few years, my daughter and I have attended another Fair in the area and we have enjoyed our time while we were out there.  There is nothing like getting out into the hot sun, trying some rides you aren’t sure whether will break down or not, eating food that will pack on the pounds, watching some unique performers you will not see anywhere else, and purchasing some things from sellers that remind you of late night television, as seen on TV ads.  I know it sounds crazy but my daughter and I have a blast.  So when I was given tickets to the L.A. County Fair for my birthday, we excitedly planned our itinerary of the trip.  Of course, we saw many people go out there before we did.  From crazy cold kettle corn to ice cream sandwiches unicorns would love we plotted our takeover.

And then we arrived at the Fairplex in Pomona.  Buildings surrounded by colorful food stands and filled with sights to behold surrounded us while walking out of the dark tunnel and into the light.  I have been to a few fairs in my time.  They usually have some big acts going on.  They have a farm area, and some pretty flowers stacked around.  Exciting thrill rides and games cover one section of the park, salesman and craftsman cover another, farm people with crops and animals cover another, the exhibition stadium where artists perform, and a kiddies section where younger ones and their moms play.

We picked up a map as we entered the complex and headed right for one of the buildings: The Magical World of Dragons, Wizards, and Beasts.  While we had seen all kinds of different exhibitions, this display outshone anything that we had seen at the other Fairs we had been to.  From Game of Thrones to Beauty and the Beast, to the World of Harry Potter, kids get to get up close and personal with all things magical.  The dragons mesmerized us, so much so I did not know if we would even leave the building.

What I learned very quickly about the L.A. County Fair was that it was not like any other Fair going around.  While they have the usual fare, their exhibits were so much more than anything else that we had seen out there.  And while I could discuss Jurassic Planet, which my daughter and I loved, we felt like the thing we enjoyed the most for pure beauty and pleasure was Wonderland: a Floral Fairy Tale they had.  I enjoyed the Lewis Carrol tale of falling into rabbit holes and chasing time from the time I was a child when I first saw it on the Disney Channel so very long ago.

I enjoyed the Lewis Carrol tale of falling into rabbit holes and chasing time from the time I was a child when I first saw it on the Disney Channel so very long ago.  So when Tim Burton decided to make another version of the classic tale, I made sure to take my daughter along for the ride.  She loved the tale as much as I did.  She got so excited after the movie that she needed to get out with a sword and fight off her very own Jabberwockies.

The Wonderland Exhibit – L.A. County Fair

The beauty of the exhibit comes at you right away.  Outside they have a checkerboard set with knights, pawns, and bishops ready to begin the battle.  But as you enter through the doors you go down, down, down into the magical world of Wonderland.

But Alice cannot be happy once she chases the white rabbit down the hole.  She runs into signs that do not seem to know which way is up.  Do you know the way for her to find the white rabbit?  Well, at least they know where the restroom is.

From there we run into the Queen.  Although she appears to be not at home, so you make your way along the forest of flowers.  The Rabbit seemed to be in a big hurry so you don’t know how long you will have before he gets away from you entirely.  You never feel like you have enough time.

While you may not have time for a lot of things, the Mad Hatter wants to make sure you realize tea never goes out of style.  He made sure to invite all kinds of guests to make you feel right at home.  What do you think of the banquet he laid out?  Do you think Alice will still have enough time?

So it’s back into the forest you go, doing all you can to avoid that crazy red-headed queen who has a penchant for separating heads from necks.  You go through a bit of rain and dense jungle before finally making your way to the white rabbit.  Do you think he will blame you for being late to his party?  Maybe you shouldn’t tell him you stopped off at the Mad Hatter’s banquet first.

There is just so much more to see when you are there at the Wonderland Floral Fairy Tale.  One section appears to be Rainforest light.  My daughter loved standing on the edge of the bridge and just letting the water pour down on her as it dripped into the river and all of the other greenery they had there.  It was just so beautiful and fun.  I loved the live animals they had in the exhibit as well such as rabbits and flamingos.  The place had a bit of everything in it that my daughter and I loved.

For a first, the Guide presents you with something a little extra special.  We present you with our video walkthrough of the experience.  Enjoy the video and definitely catch this exhibit at the L.A. County Fair before it closes on the 24th of September.

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So what is your favorite thing to do at the Fair?  And if you have been to the L.A. County Fair, what was your favorite part?  And what thing did you love there that you didn’t expect before you went?  Share food and entertainment favorites as well, especially if any of them include honey.  I would love to hear from all of you.  Also, let me know what you thought of the video and if I should do more.

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