(With great thanks to Knott’s Berry Farm, the Single Dad’s Guide to Life was invited to the Knott’s Merry Farm Media kickoff day.  While we were provided an invitation with meal and snacks included, all of the opinions expressed herein are my own.)

It seems so crazy to think we are already here during the holidays.  It feels like just yesterday I entered the first post on my blog.  Of course, lots has happened between now and then but it doesn’t feel like it should be November.  But given the fact I began posting in January, we rapidly approach the blogaversary for the Guide.  Please remember to check back in January as we will celebrate the anniversary with a special series.  Maybe it’s not like some amusement parks that celebrate an anniversary for two years long, but tons of fun could be had by all.  Or we could crash and burn; but who doesn’t love a good train wreck?  And given it’s the holiday season there are tons of things to do to celebrate.  For my daughter and I to commemorate the season, Knott’s Merry Farm tops the list.

Beginning with the separation, every year my daughter and I have greatly anticipated the evening pass holder event, where they would kick off the festivities.  My daughter and I as well as a couple family friends would go out and purchase ornaments from the craft fair, search for some cool Christmas gifts, watch A Christmas Carol, see Snoopy on Ice, go on a couple rides, and wait for the snow to fall.  And if we had time, we made sure to catch a visit with Santa Claus and get some cookies and milk, or hot chocolate, usually depending on the Southern California weather.  (It’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit in November outside as I am typing this up.  For those of you in Australia, imagine it’s 95 in June.)

But this year my daughter’s school decided to make their annual talent show on the date of the event.  So we were not going to be able to make it to the pass holder kick-off event.  So we were really excited when the Guide was invited to the Media Day event for the kick off of Knott’s Merry Farm.  And when we read up on the all of the different offerings going on this year, it excited us even more.  Santa’s Barn continued to be there but included much more to tempt the palate.  And the Peanut’s gang had a plethora of shows to delight your kids.  (Who doesn’t love a good Peanut’s Christmas tale?)

And what does Knott’s Merry Farm have to offer?  Holiday magic of course.  But let’s take a look at everything they have in store for this magical holiday season.

Knott’s Merry Farm 2017

Snoopy On Ice –

Who doesn’t love an ice skating Beagle?  I mean.  It’s gotta be cool, right?  And Snoopy is nothing if not cool  As the famous dog skates his way into your hearts, you get to catch a plethora of professional skaters twist, spin, and twirl as they dance around the ice.  And Linus makes sure to give us the real reason for the Christmas season.  Great music, dancing, and fun abound.

Christmas Crafts Village –

Knott’s doesn’t skimp out on the local artists and artisans that come to Ghost town every year.  With delicious brittle, winter garments galore, and every kind of decoration you can imagine, Knott’s gives you the opportunity to celebrate and promote some amazing people who do amazing work.  My daughter and I love the ornaments, but truthfully you will want to stop by every booth and see what they have in store.

It’s the Merriest Christmas Ever Charlie Brown –

Charlie may always feel like he’s on the outside looking in, but you won’t be as the Peanut’s gang remembers to celebrate Christmas the right way.  Dancing the night away they tug at your kid’s heartstrings, you will be happy for Charlie as he can be around friends and get into the Christmas spirit.

Calico Saloon Christmas Show –

Deck the halls with a little Can Can dancing?  Heck yeah!  Sign me up.  Ok, maybe that’s a little over exuberant.  But you will enjoy yourself as they have an old fashion saloon show where they celebrate the reason for the season.  As for me, some of the mashups of songs are so fun and interesting, you cannot help but enjoy yourself.

A Peanut’s Guide to Christmas –

Get first-hand instructions on the best way to celebrate Christmas, Peanut’s style.  Ok, maybe Lucy still struggles with being a bit materialistic.  But the gang will make sure to set Lucy straight in the end.  Because money cannot buy you the things that giving and friendship will give you.  Even when you have a ton.  Check out the book that tells it all in Camp Snoopy.

A Christmas Carol / The Gift of the Magi –

Whether you are an O’Henry enthusiast or a Dickens devotee, Knott’s cannot help but lift your heartstrings at the Birdcage Theater.  With alternating shows, the Knott’s cast takes you back to a time of shows in small venues out in the old west.  Famous for their melodrama, Knott’s packs it in, telling the tale of Scrooge and Marley or regaling you with the story of a man and wife who cannot afford to give each other gifts.  Or maybe it’s they cannot afford not to give each other gifts.  Decide for yourself and enjoy the splendor of learning one of life’s most important lessons: “It’s far better to give than to receive.”

Calico Carolers –

As if there wasn’t a ton of stuff to do, they have more.  Make sure to stroll around the streets of Calico and catch the carolers as they walk by.  With four-part harmony and bells at the ready, these carolers will lift your spirits and lighten your burdens as you listen to the beautiful music they provide.  And what would this time of year be without a bit of beautiful music?

Calico Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony –

When it comes to Christmas, nothing symbolizes Christmas more than the Christmas Tree.  And Knott’s Merry Farm does it as well as anyone.  The entire day revolves around the lighting of the tree, where the citizens of Calico celebrate the spirit of the holiday.  From carolers to bells to all kinds of happenings, you can’t miss the lighting of the tree.  As the spirit of Christmas magically lights the entire tree in golden lights, your children will smile.  Get there early so that you don’t miss out on this magical moment in the park.

Mrs. Claus Kitchen –

Who doesn’t love cooking?  Or maybe I should have asked, who doesn’t love a good cookie?  And Mrs. Claus makes sure that you will get the opportunity as well.  But she makes sure you can up your cookie game with all kinds of decorations to create a culinary delight your kids will enjoy.  And no kid can say no to adding more candy to their already sweet treat.  Make sure to check Mrs. Claus kitchen out.  Your kids will thank you.

Snow And Glow Show –

So what further magic does Knott’s have in store?  During special times during the evening, Ghost town lights dim and a glow washes over the town of Calico.  Between the music, coordinated lights, and the magical snow coming down from the California skies you will bask in the Knott’s magic.  It happens several times during the evening, so you should have plenty of opportunities to participate in this enchanting revelry.

Santa’s Christmas Cabin –

If there is one thing you cannot miss, you cannot miss your time with Santa Claus.  Get to talk to him and tell him about what you want for Christmas and take pictures.  But Santa makes sure you are very comfortable there as you get to try some holiday food delights.  Who doesn’t love milk and cookies?  Or if you want another warmer beverage on those cool nights you can get a cup of coffee or a delicious hot chocolate.  And if you are adulting you can taste some holiday liquor.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Delicious nuts, Nutella filled crepes, and cheesecake dipped in chocolate and put on a stick will make your mouth filled with glee.  Don’t fail to go or your stockings may be filled with coal.  Just saying.

Knott’s, Your Go-To Christmas Destination

If you loved even just a couple of these things they offer, you have to go.  Knott’s Merry Farm is a limited weekend event through January 7th.  So definitely check it out soon before the season ends.  And if you love Knott’s Merry Farm, and the rest of the amazing things they do at Knott’s throughout the year, just remember they have season passes for six payments of less than 16 dollars available right now.  Compare that to any other theme park in the area and you will realize it’s the best deal around.

Continue The Conversation –

So have you been to Knott’s Merry Farm before?  If so, what was your favorite part?  If not, where are places you like to go to celebrate the holidays?  What are the things you like to do?  What things do you like to eat?  And what places do your kids love?  I always love to learn about how other people celebrate their holidays.

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Until next time, Happy Holidays everyone.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life