*** The Single Dad’s Guide to Life is a Brand Ambassador for Knott’s Berry Farm.  As such, I have been given tickets, food cards, and other amenities from Knott’s Berry Farm to try out.  While I have been given these items, all the thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.***

Welcome to the Knott’s Berry Farm 2019 Summer Giveaway held here at the Single Dad’s Guide to Life.  We are grateful to work with Knott’s Berry Farm, promoting their park.  It’s been such an amazing place for me and my daughter to go to over the years, especially since the divorce.  As a single parent, I always look for places I can take my daughter too which will help build the connection between us.  One of the first places I thought of was the Orange County amusement park right next door to where I live.  There is not one second I regret getting the annual passes with my daughter to Knott’s Berry Farm.

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I’m sure if you have read my blog, you have spent a good deal of time listening to me extoll the virtues of this amazing amusement park.  In fact, I remember the very first post I wrote about Knott’s calling it a gem in Southern California.  And it truly is.  With annual passes barely sitting at 100 (which is way cheaper than any other park you are going to find locally), it’s a steal of a deal for family entertainment in Southern California.  And if you cannot front the money upfront, they have a payment plan you can go with.  In addition, they have meal plans, multiple parks and other amenities making your stay each and every time you visit the park a memorable one.

There are some great things going on this summer during Knott’s Berry Farm.  Three things specifically come to mind about adventures you can have if you visit Knott’s Berry Farm this summer.  And each of the three things means a unique and interesting adventure to take when you go to the park.  Knott’s makes sure to keep in touch with its roots, while always updating and bringing new things to life in the park.  Here are the three things you can enjoy and explore this summer at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Three New Adventures To Take At Knott’s Berry Farm 2019

Knott's Berry Farm Giveaway - Calico River Rapids
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The New Calico River Rapids at Knott’s Berry Farm.

1)  Calico River Rapids

Two of the brave men who chartered new territory with Lewis And Clark have made their way to Calico this summer and they have a set up an outpost along the river to encourage more exploration and settling in the area.  They make sure to get you fully stocked along your trip.  But there will be Rapids ahead so be prepared.  I know people talk about some sort of “skunk monster” out there.  But it’s just a legend.  Right?  Right???  Find out for yourself at Knott’s Berry Farm now.

Knott's Berry Farm Giveaway - Ghost Town Alive
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Fluke Mayfield wear cast at Ghost Town Alive at Knott’s Berry Farm.

2)  Ghost Town Alive

From the mind of Ken Parks, VP of Entertainment at Knott’s Berry Farm, Ghost Town Alive returns for another year.  Inspired by the classic 70s film Westworld (not the recent television show), Parks put together a team to provide you with the most immersive entertainment anywhere.  With gold rushes and founder’s day celebrations to be had, Calico always crackles with life each summer.  But just like Westworld, the people at Knotts are not content with the same story to throw out each and every year.  Every year becomes new again as you tackle the untamed city and its colorful inhabitants.  My personal favorite is the Mayfields.  Whichever are your favorites, Ghost Town Alive provides something for the entire family to enjoy each and every summer in the Ghost Town streets.  Take a look at a previous year’s happenings here.

Knott's Berry Farm Giveaway - Knott's Summer Nights
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The Band Hiatus during Knott’s Summer Nights.


3)  Knott’s Summer Nights

You should definitely check out my post about the best things going on when it turns night time at Knott’s Berry Farm this summer.  They have added summer nights, a playtime area for kids and adults alike with live music, DJ’s, games, delicious food, and sweet libations to tempt any person.  I’d spend more time on it, but I know you want to get to the giveaway.  Definitely check out what they have here though, if you haven’t already seen.

You can see firsthand all of the great things going on at Knott’s here:


The Knott’s Summertime Giveaway

With all of this in mind, you will not want to miss the opportunity to make your way out to Knott’s Berry Farm this summer if you haven’t already.  We are giving you two excellent opportunities to spend some time at the Knott’s Berry Farm parks.  One is for Soak City, Knott’s relaxing getaway with winding waterways, exciting slides, and amazing places to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.  (Cabanas not included.  I know you are frowning but it’s still a good time.)  The other prize package is for tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm including front of the line passes, and food tasting cards for four.  (An approximately $800 value) Both prize winners will receive parking passes as well.

The following includes all the rules and restrictions for those interested in winning this prize.  Make sure to read carefully before you sign up as the information you provide will be available to both myself and Rafflecopter. (The program I use to run my giveaway.)


Knott’s Berry Farm Giveaways  (Tickets Good Until September 2nd 2019)

Giveaway #1

(1)    Knott’s Berry Farm Family 4 Pack Including:

  • 4 pack of general admission tickets (value: $84 each)

  • 1 Parking Pass (Value: $20)

  • 4 pack of single day Fast Lane wristbands (value: $85 each)

  • 4 pack of  Summer Nights Tasting Cards(value $35 each)

Giveaway #2

(1)    Knott’s Soak City Waterpark Family 4 Pack Including:

  • 4 pack of general admission to Knott’s Soak City Water Park (value: $53 each)

  • 4 pack of Single Meal Deal vouchers (value: $14.49 each)

  • 1 parking pass (value: $20)

Rules for Entry Go As Follows:

1)  Grand Prize (Two Prizes Available) – (1) Knott’s Berry Farm Family 4 Pack and (1) Knott’s Soak City Waterpark Family 4 Pack 

2)  Who can enter? – Any legal resident of the United States who is 18 years of age or older. Only four entries per person permissible for the giveaway.

3) Contest Duration – Contest begins 12:00 AM PST July 13th, 2019 and ends on July 22nd, 2019 12:00 A.M. PST.  Winners will be notified within two business days after the contest ends.

4)  How To Enter – You must follow @toastycritic on your twitter feed to enter.  You can receive more entries for following all of the social media accounts listed.  These include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and my blog.

5) How Winner Is Chosen – The winner for the giveaway is chosen randomly through Rafflecopter within two business days after the end of the sweepstakes.  You cannot win both prizes.  There will be one winning prize to two different individuals, not in the same household.

6) Should You Have Any Issues – Please contact me at toastycritic@gmail.com if you have any issues with entry.  You cannot get multiple entries from multiple twitter accounts.  If you are already connected to me through twitter or any other platform, you may subscribe to my blog as a replacement for following me on Twitter or Instagram.

7) Applying to this contest will give both myself and Rafflecopter access to your information.  By signing up for this sweepstakes you agree to both The Single Dad’s Guide to Life and Rafflecopter using your information and agree to the Privacy Policy posted on this blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wrapping Things Up

I cannot say enough about Knott’s Berry Farm and the amazing place they are.  Which you might get an inkling of given my effuse praise of them.  But they really do amazing things.  And if you do not win, you definitely should check out the annual pass options.  It’s such an inexpensive and amazing way to bond with your whole family.  Click here to check out the latest deals of annual passes.  And check out these other Berry Bloggers with great Giveaways going on now as well.  Their links are at the end of this post.

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What is the best giveaway you have seen?  Have you won one before? What was it and what was the best thing about it?  Have you been to Knott’s Berry Farm before?  If so, what was your favorite part?  If you’ve never been, what is the favorite amusement park you have been to and why?

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Until next time, this is me signing off.

David Elliott, The Single Dad’s Guide to Life


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