Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends Based On Your Personality – A Brief Guide

You have probably heard of the saying “the eyes are a reflection of the soul”. Well, your kitchen is no different. If your eyes reflect your soul, your kitchen reflects your personality.

However, everyone is different with their own unique traits, habits, likes and dislikes. We all have our own personalities and like to do things differently than others, which makes every kitchen unique and personal.

No matter if you are a type A or D, if you are unsure of what your kitchen says about you or are simply wondering what your personality has to do with any of this, we’ve put together a short guide for you.

You could use it for inspiration, to have a good laugh or simply to check if your kitchen really does match your personality.

Kitchen Trends For Your Personality

A kitchen is where you spend time every day, no matter how little, and the way your kitchen looks says a lot about who you are as a person.

Your kitchen could be neat and well-maintained or super cluttered and messy, it may have bold colours or neutral tones, there may even be modern tech installed or you may like doing things old school. Your kitchen represents who you are as a person and how you like to do things, it is a direct link to your mind.

Our guide on kitchen trends uniquely suggests styles that you may like based on your personality.

Let’s take a look!

1) Type A Personality

If you are a type-A person, you probably don’t like a crowded or messy kitchen.

You are someone who always knows exactly what you want and how to get it done in the most practical way. You are fast-paced and independent, you welcome a space that is organised up to your standards. You want a space where you can work on your projects individually.

But it’s not simply about shiny and squeaky clean counters for you, you enjoy simplicity more than anything. Given a choice, you’d rather have only what you need in the kitchen and throw out the rest. Natural lighting and fresh air sound good to you, and you probably like your kitchen to have more free space to move around.

This is why we think that the Strada Gloss design would be perfect for you, it is a design made for those who like simplicity and prefer minimalism. You would not only have the freedom to tick off your kitchen tasks one by one but also revel in the feeling of simple elegance.

2) Type B Personality

Type B people are simple – you love people and people love you. You’re not only friendly but also an enthusiastic, fun-loving and charismatic person. You enjoy spending time with people because you love being liked, being praised and being the centre of attention.

You are also a dreamer, somebody who gets a ton of ideas and wants to execute them all and has the confidence to carry out all plans. You would probably give your guests a detailed tour of your kitchen so they can see exactly how you designed it, corner to corner. But really, what’s the point if they don’t immediately applaud you for it?

A kitchen that has a modern look with a bold colour theme and high-end technology installed would be your thing. You would choose to have bright reds or greens, or bold statement lighting and uniquely designed chairs. Anything to make your guests stare in admiration, right?

3) Type C Personality

Type Cs are known for their keen eye for detail. They like to be on top of things and in full control of the kitchen design project. If you are a Type C, you would agree that you prefer facts and logic more than fantasy and myths.

You run away from people who are hyper-energetic or overly emotional, you simply cannot stand them. You are organised, analytical and prefer quality over quantity. For a Type C personality, it is important to have a kitchen that is no-nonsense.

You really don’t need bright colours or over-the-top accessories and lighting. Your kitchen should be functional enough to do what it is supposed to and be as uncomplicated as possible for you. You would go for something like the handleless design, which is elegant yet simple enough for your kitchen to fulfil its purpose.

4) Type D Personality

If you like to take it slow, and easy and stick to a comfortable routine, you are a Type D personality. You like to commit to things that you know are long-term and can repetitively do something without complaints.

Where others get bored, you think that it helps you perfect your skills. Change is something you try to avoid because that would mean you will have to adapt all over again to something brand new, and you’d rather deal with things you already know.

For a Type D personality, the kitchen is a space where they have things they are already used to, with everything in its designated spot so your morning routine won’t be disrupted. You would prefer doing things old school rather than having modern, hi-tech kitchen accessories that you know nothing about.

You may appreciate the Windsor design or the Georgia kitchen range, where your kitchen can combine old-school with your own personal touch.

Making The Final Choice

Kitchens are your own personal space that you need to design as per your tastes and interests. While our guide gives you a rough idea, you are not limited to these choices.

You may be a Type A and prefer a rustic, antique kitchen, or you may be a Type D and want a modern kitchen with shiny new appliances and accessories.

Choosing your kitchen design is a personal task, and you should go for something that you like and that makes you feel comfortable and happy.