Keep Your Kids Active

How to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer: A Practical Guide for Parents

With so many kids staying home and playing video games, parents everywhere are worried about the consequences. The result is a proliferation of camps and programs for youth that emphasize physical activity. However, not all kids have those opportunities, and there are other factors that make it harder to keep them active. Consider the rise of screen time, hyper-scheduled childhoods, risk-averse parents, and sedentary school environments. It’s clear that parents need help in keeping their kids active during the warmer months. Here are some practical solutions to how you can keep your kids active this summer.  

Make Sports a Priority

One key to keeping kids active during the summer is to make sure that sports are a priority in their scheduling. Kids who play sports tend to be healthier, do better academically, and have more friends. They’re also more likely to be in shape and have a positive relationship with exercise. If your child plays a sport during the school year, you can probably count on them continuing to play over the summer. If your child doesn’t currently participate in any sports, it’s a good idea to find one that they enjoy. 

Your child’s sport is only offered during the school year, you say? That doesn’t mean that you can’t encourage physical activity during the summer! You just have to get a little more creative. One great way to do that is by signing your child up for a summer sports program at a local park. These programs often focus on skills building and offer an alternative to the game-based activities that happen during the school year. All you need to do is sign them up to a course they like – for example tennis; then pack their tennis bags, some snacks and plenty of water and arrive on time!

Go On Family Hikes

Hiking is a great way to keep kids active and engaged both physically and mentally. Hiking provides an opportunity for family bonding, exploration, and exercise. It can be a great way to spend quality time with your kids, while also helping them to develop a love for nature. There is no shortage of hiking trails across the US. From big cities to remote rural areas, there is something for almost everyone in almost every place. There are several things you should keep in mind when hiking with your family. Always bring water and snacks, as well as appropriate footwear and clothing for the hot season. Make sure that everyone in your family knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Go Swimming

Swimming is a great way to keep kids active over the summer. Swimming is a full-body exercise that gets the heart rate up, burns calories, and improves your child’s overall health. There are many different types of swimming, such as lap swimming, open water swimming, and even scuba diving. The type of swimming you choose will depend on the size of your family and what is available in your area. While swimming is a great exercise, it is possible to get injured if you don’t take proper precautions. Make sure that you choose a safe location, such as an indoor pool, and use the right swimming gear, such as a swimsuit and goggles.

Go to the Doctor

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children get a thorough medical exam before engaging in strenuous physical activities. If your child hasn’t received a medical evaluation recently, it’s important to do so before the summer begins. This will help you to identify any potential health issues that could impact your child’s physical activity. Your doctor will be able to assess your child’s fitness level and give you advice on how to keep them active. For example, if your child has a heart condition, they might need to stay away from strenuous sports. Your doctor will be able to let you know what activities are safe for your child and which ones aren’t. If your schedule is pretty tight, consider consulting an online doctor for a convenient checkup.

Don’t Forget to Exercise Yourself

It’s easy to forget that you need to keep fit and active too. Many parents struggle with finding time for themselves, let alone for getting in a workout. There are many different ways to keep fit while caring for your kids. You could take a yoga or pilates class, go for a run, or even lift weights at home. No matter what you do, it’s important to keep fit so that you can provide a good example.

Keeping kids active is an important part of their health, and it is something parents should be mindful of. In order to keep your kids active, you must provide them with the opportunities to be active. This means giving them time to play outdoors and engage in physical activities, especially during the summer!