Two fab toys from Jaques of London

Review: Two fab toys from Jaques of London to aid your child’s development

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These toys from Jaques of London will support your child’s development and keep them entertained as they learn. Find out why we loved them…

We all know that play is vital for a child’s development. It’s where they experiment, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. And it’s also a chance for you to connect with them.

Jaques of London believe in the power of play

What better company than Jaques of London then to select some toys to support your child’s learning. The family-founded and run company – those in charge still proudly have Jaques as their last name – have built the whole company around the power of play.

And not just that. They have developed some of the UK’s best-loved games that have probably supported you when you were a child, from Happy Families (I used to love playing this as a child!) to Snakes and Ladders. Yep, Jaques of London invented them all. So they clearly know what they’re doing and how to engage kids – and adults too. 

So we were thrilled when Jaques of London asked us to give some of their brilliant toys a whirl. Here is how we got on.

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Jaques of London Kids Xylophone

This brightly coloured xylophone arrived in Jaques of London’s trademark beautiful packaging. It’s clear to see that a lot of love and thought goes into these products, as this product was better than any other kids’ musical instrument we’ve ever seen. It’s built to last – even when kids are bashing it!

The brightly coloured keys have the notes engraved into them, and the xylophone comes with a music sheet. This means your child – or you – can have fun learning to play some nursery rhymes. And remember that playing through learning thing we talked about?

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Well this xylophone is a great chance to weave in some letter recognition, as well as fine tuning their motor skills as they try to aim for the right key. Plus they can get “creative” and make their own tunes up too. 

We think this would also make a gorgeous first birthday gift, and at £15.99 it’s incredible value for money. It’s made from sustainable wood – including the beater. It can’t be beaten!

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Jaques of London Kids Learning Clock – Time Telling Game

Have you tried to teach a child how to tell the time? It’s actually really hard. There are 24 hours in the day, but only 12 numbers on a clock face, and an hour is 60 minutes. Well fear not, Jaques of London to the rescue. This wooden teaching clock is great for getting the ball rolling on telling the time.

The numbers on the clock are painted onto shapes, which then fit onto the clock face like a shape sorter. This shape recognition will actually help your child remember the positions of the numbers on a clock. On the back of each shape is an animal, which adds a nice extra play element. The numbers also can be threaded together on the included thread. This will help their numeracy skills and fine motor skills all at once. Is that impressive or what?

We were seriously impressed with the quality of the clock. It’s made from FSC approved wood, and is painted really well, with gorgeous details.