Welcome to the sixth in our January series on perspectives, where I have partnered with Brandi Kennedy at Brandi Kennedy: Love Stories and Lifestyle for the Undaunted Woman.  And for this post, our prompt was to do something in the realm of poetry.  Of course, if you want to check out my other poems, you can read Inspired By Life, Inspired By Love, and Inspired By Passion.  This is the fourth in my poetry series, and since both Brandi and I do a bit of writing, we figured we would write some poetry and about our experiences with parenthood.  Of course, as a perspectives series, she writes about motherhood, and I write about fatherhood.  Definitely check her poetry out.  And enjoy the fourth poem or set of poems in my poetry series as I capture, to the best of my ability, what fatherhood means to me: Inspired By Fatherhood.


Inspired By Fatherhood

Today Was Just Like Any Other day . . . Or Was It?

I remember on that fateful night

Or was it day, I can’t remember.

The night I waited in shallow light

To hear the cries of my new born child.


Hour upon hour we expected you

And you refused to enter this world.

Had we done something wrong, fright’ning too,

With each passing hour, our hearts sunk more.


So when tomorrows noon had begun

And the doctor came to speak our fate

He said before setting of the sun

We must go in to take out our child.


And so we talked to each other thus,

Should we wait until you came yourself?

But time was not something we could muss

And so relenting we told him now.


So on the table your mother went

With drugs they gave to keep her from pain

A knife they opened your sleeping tent

And with one big motion out you came.


But then the doctor’s mouth fell open

For you did something no babe could do.

Your knotted cord twisted like rope in

A box, and wrapped five times around you.


Our fears now gone because we did know

You were smart even before your birth.

For you tied your cord in ribboned bow

And knew better than to come for air.


For if you had come the night before,

When we expected you to be here,

Our joy would be lost forevermore

And the world would miss your shining face.


So remember dear if rush you must,

This little lesson you taught to us.

Waiting feels like you are going to bust

But learning to wait reaps fields of gold.


Life Lessons

When as a father I became,

I never knew the lessons learned

Would be from one so young of mind

But in my heart they daily burned.


For patience, kindness, love, and grace

Seem oft to be in short supply.

And mindless anger takes the place

With unkind words we do rely.


I can’t believe how much I’ve grown

From when the day you came to us,

Learning how little I have known

And all life’s minus, you made plus.


For this, I cannot thank enough

And for edges, you made less rough.


For My Father

When I was young and but a child,

You took from me pain from hit balls.

And when fear of loneliness piled,

You took us with you on your calls.


For memories, l love so dear,

You were my dad, You’d be right there

To take away my every fear

And give so we’d have not a care.


But into adolescent depths

I plunged, and wanted space from you.

Because I thought I had in-depth

Knowledge of things you had no clue.


One day you knew I’d married be,

And into life I’d bring a child

So your wisdom I’d one day see

And changes come to life so wild.


For on this day a dad I am,

Remembering all the things you taught,

The love to me which you did cram,

And now I know I should have sought.


So just like you I wish to be

And love my daughter meek and mild.

Knowing that one day she will see

A world so dangerous and wild.


Then I hope my love remembers

On the days she feels so alone

And there will be few Decembers

Knowing always my love is home.


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So it’s been a crazy week, but I want to express my gratitude to Brandi for keeping me sane in the midst of the craziness.  It’s been a great start to this venture of blogging with her.  So what things inspire you?  What inspires you about your mom?  And what inspires you about your dad?  What have you learned the most from them?  I would love to hear.

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