Inquisitive Child

How To Raise An Inquisitive Child

Nurturing your child’s inherent curiosity will develop their creative thinking and help them become lifelong learners. Small children are instinctively inquisitive as they strive to understand the whole new world they find themselves in, and with encouragement you can help them turn this thirst for knowledge into a lifelong attribute. To explore in more depth at ways to foster your child’s curiosity, take a look at the following advice from an independent school in Somerset.

Change The Scenery

Switching up your child’s environment will make them stop and take notice as they come into contact with a range of new things to stimulate their brains. Take them on a nature walk, or for a day at the beach. Go to a fun fair or spend the afternoon at the zoo. They’ll be more present and engaged in an unfamiliar setting and will be inspired to ask questions and explore.

Ask & Answer

Toddlers are renowned for the what / why / how questions, as they work tirelessly to make sense of the world. As kids get older it’s important to continue to give them opportunities to ask questions and discover new things. Adopt a ‘no silly questions’ policy and pay attention when your child is looking to you for answers. You can also ask questions yourself to rouse their curiosity. Open questions get their brains working and encourage them to use critical thinking to find an answer.

Hit The Books

Reading opens up a world of possibilities and allows your child to explore things they wouldn’t come into contact within their day to day lives. Make story time a part of your daily routine and cover literature on a range of topics that you think will appeal to their interests. Explore the past, learn about different cultures and transport them to faraway places within the comfort of your own home. They’ll learn how vast and diverse the world is and their curiosity will surge.