ways disorganization impacts heart health

6 Ways Disorganization Can Impact Your Heart Health

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There are plenty of awesome ways to keep your heart healthy, but it also helps to know what lifestyle factors can cause your heart to undergo strain and stress. Ask any doctor, and they will give you a comprehensive list of things you shouldn’t do if you want to ensure you maintain excellent heart health. They will give you so much information that it might feel overwhelming, which is not going to help your heart much, anyway. 

With this in mind, it’s worth considering some issues that are often ignored or not considered that could impact your heart health. One significant problem is poor time management and being disorganized. It might not seem like much, but it can have a substantial impact on our heart health, and here are six reasons why. 

It Increases Stress 

If you never feel like you have enough time to do anything, you might find that you are more stressed than you’d like to be, which has a significant impact on your heart health. The stress increases your heart rate and raises anxiety, which also affects your sleep and could make everything much worse if you aren’t careful. 

This stress could impact your self-esteem and performance both at work and in your everyday life. From here, you could experience personality changes that affect friendships and relationships, which puts your body and heart under even more stress and creates a cycle that is difficult to escape. 

It Could Raise Blood Pressure 

Stress is also one of many things that cause high blood pressure, and this comes from being disorganized. You might find yourself worried about too many things at once because you haven’t finished projects by the deadline. The more this happens, the more your blood pressure rises and puts unnecessary strain on your heart. 

It could be beneficial to recognize when your heart pressure could rise as you experience mood swings and lash out at coworkers or even friends and family. Breathing exercises can be beneficial in these scenarios as it gives you time to relax and focus on something other than the clutter in your head and on your desk. 

It Makes It Hard to Focus 

A disorganized home or desk also makes it impossible to focus. This can be a problem if you work from home and use services like https://physicaladdress.com when corresponding with clients. If they see that your workspace is not clean, they might not respect you as much as they had done, which means they might not be as willing to sign contracts to work with you. 

And this will have an even bigger impact on your concentration. Even though you know you need to finish projects and tasks on time, you’re unable to sit down and work without distractions, meaning you could lose hours fretting over the mess. 

It Makes You Rely On Crutches

Everyone has crutches that they rely on when they have problems. Some will smoke, others will drink, while some people use binge eating as a coping mechanism to relieve stress and take their minds off their issues. 

All of these crutches can contribute to poor heart health. Fatty foods, cigarette tar, and the empty calories from drinking can affect blood flow which means you may see your weight increase and find it difficult to do anything

It Consumes Too Much Time

Disorganization often means you work much later than you want to. Rather than finish at the same time as your coworkers, you end up working well into the night, meaning you don’t have time to exercise or prepare a healthy meal. Instead, you spend the few hours you have left in the day on the sofa eating unhealthy fast-food. 

Fixing your organizational problems means you will have more time to dedicate to exercise and reduce the pressure on your heart. It also means you are more motivated to eat healthily, rather than stuffing your face with fatty foods. 

It Could Lead to Unemployment

Poor time management could cost your company contracts and profitable deals and affect your performance. If this happens too often, your managers might feel it’s better to let you go rather than risk you ruining another contract. 

Sudden unemployment can be stressful and might lead to severe heart problems if you don’t think you can cope with it. If this isn’t a good enough reason to improve time management, then nothing will be. 

Get Organized 

Disorganization can have more negative effects on your health and lifestyle than you expect. If you always feel frazzled and believe there are not enough hours in the day, these points should help you wake up to what disorganization is doing to you and encourage you to make effective and beneficial changes.