home makeover ideas for studio apartments

Home makeover ideas for studio apartments

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It is not the same to renovate a studio apartment or a tiny house as it is to renovate a larger one. There are a number of other factors to consider, such as storage and the amount of furniture that can be accommodated. How do you cram a living room, kitchen, and bedroom into one space while yet leaving some breathing room? While designing a studio needs a little more creativity, planning, and editing, the end effect is definitely worth it. If you’re remodelling a tiny place and searching for ideas that will not only offer you more room to walk around but will also enhance the market value if you ever sell it again, we’ve put together the ideal list for you!

Consider numerous uses for a single place

As we spend more time in our homes, the idea of one place fulfilling many purposes is becoming less feasible. When designing a tiny space, considering numerous uses for each room is critical, and one of the main issues That people have in their “Dream Home Makeover” projects is figuring out how to maximise their rooms to satisfy their demands. Take a step back and re-evaluate what you’re working with, even if you don’t believe you have room for a workplace nook in your kitchen or a lounging area in your bedroom. Asking yourself how you live in your house on a daily basis may cause you to reconsider your priorities.

Make zones

When it comes to renovating tiny studio apartments, open plan living rooms become even more vital from an interior design standpoint. In a tiny house, the open plan allows you to divide rooms and create extra space. Separating space for the kitchen, dining hall, and living room may make a space appear cramped and narrow. These divisions remain in an open plan, but the barriers are gone, allowing for more movement and design possibilities. The open layout also allows for more light to flow through the house, which is especially beneficial in studio areas. Creating multiple “zones” inside the space that feel separate yet coherent is one of our favourite methods to organise tiny places successfully. By utilising carpets to divide a seating area, including separating yet storage-saving furniture items like consoles or benches, and having unique objectives for each space, we love to set one zone away from the others.

Sliding or pocket doors are available

Pocket or sliding doors are a smart choice for small house renovations since they are both functional and fashionable. You may save room by replacing swinging doors with these. Glass pocket doors provide for greater light circulation, making the room appear larger and reducing the amount of claustrophobic aspects in the home.

Furniture that can be folded

When it comes to limited spaces, folding furniture is a godsend. It saves space, prevents clutter, and allows for more movement. These types of practical furniture include Murphy beds and folding tables, for example. When not in use, folding furniture vanishes into the background and blends in flawlessly with your existing décor. If you’re worried about folding furniture, opt for pieces that can be used in several ways. These are pieces of furniture that serve two purposes. Instead of purchasing a coffee table, consider purchasing an ottoman that may serve as a footrest, storage space, and a table.

Wall mount your technology

Because televisions require a TV unit adjacent to a plug, they can take up a lot of room and have an impact on how you arrange your furniture. When it comes to tiny spaces such as studio apartments, however, it is preferable to have your television placed on the wall. This will save you significant space and allow you to move about more freely. Furthermore, you won’t have to stress about how you’ll conceal the cords. Click here to get your TV professionally wall mounted or to obtain an estimate for your TV wall mount.

Light colours should be used

Although you can’t always have natural light, using light and airy colours and components in your design can help to open up the area and make it feel bigger. To open up and give the appearance of larger space, we adore using light paint or light furniture pieces in spaces with limited space. Lighter colours make the room look bigger as they reduce the amount of shadows in the room. This is a great technique to open up spaces that don’t have a lot of room. However, before you paint your walls, make sure you check how the colour looks in different light settings that are available in your home. Colours look different in different settings.

Racks that hang over the door

You can utilise over-the-door racks if you’ve tried every storage technique, used all of your vertical space, and have multi-functional storage furniture but still need additional storage. These are door-mounted racks or storage. Over the door racks are ideal for shoe storage or storing smaller items in tight locations. While they may not be very attractive or appealing, they do bring a great deal of practicality to the room.