how to help your child with their social skills

How to Help Your Child with their Social Skills

This is a collaborative post.

A child’s social skills can naturally develop, but some children just need that extra push in the right direction. It’s about helping your child along in their understanding of communication, discipline and respect as well as being able to have regular conversations. In this guide from a prep school in Kent, we explore how your child can develop their social skills.

Get them involved in team-based activities

A lot of activities both inside and outside of school will show your child how they can communicate effectively, how they can delegate and learn from others more skilled. Working together in groups within the classroom are often catered to this as well, as you find that your child is often motivated to get to grips with what they need to do quickly.

Outside of school you can take them to a range of different activities and sports to really test their skills. They could be interested in joining a social group like Scouts or Brownies to really explore their abilities.

Ask them plenty of questions

Get a conversation going with your child – see what they’re keen to explore about the world and what they’ve been getting up to recently. Keep asking them questions – you may find that your child has been looking for a helping hand understanding something, but have been too shy to ask. Keep conversations going to help them learn how to communicate better.

Involve their friends

Having friends round for dinner or for play dates increases a child’s ability to be more social and engaged with those they see often. They may have a few friends at nursery or in primary school that are great candidates for a little get together with their parents. It also gives you a chance to meet your child’s friends and their parents.