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How To Make Food Healthier But Still Delicious

Just because some food is healthier, doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice being delicious. Often enough, any food can be made delicious if adding the right flavors and cooking it the way it should be cooked.

Many avoid eating healthily because some foods that are deemed healthy, aren’t always the tastiest of foods. In order to make food delicious and healthy, here are some of the best tips that will help achieve this for any dish.

Oven bake over frying

When it comes to cooking methods, oven-bake the food instead of frying. While frying can make it particularly delicious, it can end up removing all of the nutrients that the food provides, particularly with any vegetables.

If oven baking isn’t preferred, then steaming the food can also be useful. This is typically done when it comes to vegetables because it helps lock in the nutrients and the flavors. With steaming, there’s no need to use any oils either.

Utilize the flavors available with herbs and spices 

With loads of herbs and spices available, it’s good to try out new ones every so often. Food can be made healthier and more delicious when they’re covered in herbs and/or spices. This won’t also affect the nutrients one is getting either from the ingredients. It’s all positive!

When it comes to using herbs and spices, don’t be stingy. Try adding in more than normal, aiming for one or two teaspoons depending on the type of herb or spice being used.

Use less oil or a healthier oil

Oils are great to add flavor but they can also add to the fat content of the meal. It’s important to keep the fat content down so that it’s not doing too much harm to the body. With that in mind, try to use less oil when cooking or a healthier oil alternative.

Coconut oil is often a good one to try when wanting to avoid heavier fats like olive oil and vegetable oil for example.

Explore online for recipes

To enjoy food, even more, it’s always useful to try new recipes that haven’t been tried before. Try these baked boneless chicken thighs and explore new approaches to cooking from other amateur and professional cooks. 

The internet is full of useful resources that include food recipes from a variety of talented chefs around the globe. Make sure to take full advantage of them to make cooking, a more enjoyable experience.

Cook with less salt and sugar

Try to cook with less salt and sugar. There are a lot of ingredients that contain salt or natural sugars already and so it’s not really necessary to add more. Unless it’s really needed, try to avoid it or cook less with salt and sugar in general.

Cook new dishes that are healthy and flavorful

Making food healthy and delicious is a balance but one that can be possible. Utilize these tips and take advantage of cooking healthy food that is enjoyable and tasty with every mouthful.