gamma graphene jacket

Gamma graphene all-climate jacket exceeds expectations!

The all-climate jacket ‘Gamma’ smashes Kickstarter targets!

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Have you heard of Gamma? It is quickly growing in popularity as the ultimate all-climate jacket coveted by many for being durable, lightweight and insulated without compromising on function or fashion. Based on graphene’s amazing properties, people can choose to where Gamma as an everyday jacket or for travel, activewear. You could even wear it going out!

So what is it like? The gamma is a fully waterproof, windproof, and snowproof jacket which hit over $50,000 funding in three days after being launched by innovative techwear brand Wear Graphene via the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

gamma graphene jacket

More about the Gamma jacket…

Gamma can literally be worn in all seasons thanks to the nanoparticle graphene, the strongest and thinnest material on Earth.

Graphene’s potential for a wide range of applications has earned it the name “supreme graphene” as well as a Nobel Prize. The leading techwear clothing brand Wear Graphene was one of the first to infuse graphene into textiles, granting their clothing properties such as extreme durability, weather resistance, temperature control, and bacteria resistance.

gamma graphene jacket

Graphene-infused fashion!

Gamma is the latest in Wear Graphene’s line of graphene-infused fashion. Gamma is 100% graphene-infused and includes additional features such as built-in heating, ample storage, a hood, and a rain hem.

After reaching its funding goal within just hours of launch, and within 3 days, it had earned an impressive $50,000, or over 1,000% of its goal, the Gamma jacket has the potential to be one of the most successful Kickstarter seen in a very long time.

“We’re excited to introduce the world to the benefits of graphene-infused clothing with Gamma Gamma has built-in heaters that can be powered by your power bank for cold weather wear.

Gamma is 100% cutproof. Even a knife cannot cut through the hard-as-diamond graphene fabric Jacket,” said Sarah Wood, spokesperson for Wear Graphene.

“Graphene has the power to transform any piece of clothing into all-season wear that lasts a lifetime. It brings practicality, sustainability, and comfort to Gamma in a stylish package. Gamma is the only jacket we use for warm and cold weather. We’re confident this is the jacket of the future.”

Gamma’s graphene-infused fabric has benefits for users living in any part of the world. Graphene offers temperature control that mimics human skin.  The nanolattice distributes heat around the jacket to keep you warm in cold weather. When it’s warm, it wicks moisture and expels excess heat to cool you down.

For extremely cold weather (temperatures below freezing), Gamma has built-in heaters. By connecting a power bank to an inner pocket, the wearer can adjust the temperature of the jacket. Graphene then distributes the heat from the heaters around the torso.

Learn more about Wear Graphene’s work with graphene and become a backer of GAMMA by Wear Graphene. Early-bird perks are still available, and Gamma ships globally.

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