It feels crazy the month of January is almost over and we have just five blog posts left to complete this crazy month.  I don’t even know where to begin other than to say I have been so gratified to work with Brandi Kennedy this month as we have been working on the Perspectives Series.  It’s been a rewarding task but a ton of work for everyone involved.  As much as I love creating all of the content, it has been difficult to write so much between all of the different competing things I have had going on this month.  I cannot have had a better partner through it all.  So make sure to check her blog out and read the corresponding posts to catch both perspectives.  For the last Friday of our series, we will be doing Friday Feels.

What is Friday Feels?  I admit I had no clue.  So I had to do research. Oh wait, I needed Brandi to tell me.  She takes 10 things she is feeling right now, using one-word descriptions to describe what she is feeling at the moment.  It’s a challenge to be true to yourself and how you are feeling.  And I have to admit, a good portion of me is a guy who uses comedy to deflect how I feel.  Maybe it’s because I feel more comfortable expressing myself through humor, or song.  No.  That’s not it.  Seriously, I think I do avoid trying to figure out how I feel.  So this made trying to put my feelings down into words a challenge.

What am I feeling?  I suppose that is the 64 million dollar question.  Now if only I can be given those 64 million dollars, all will be good.  Regardless of whether I get 64 million for this or not, I dedicate this post to all of you beautiful followers.  Welcome to Friday Feels: January Is Jumping.

Friday Feels: Ten Things I Feel This Month

1).  Overwhelmed –

I have to admit right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the end of this month.  Between doing things for my new Knott’s Brand Ambassadorship, or trying to keep up with my posts and marketing, I feel like I have taken on one thing too many.  As I sit here right now I realize I have misplaced the key FOB for the car and I don’t know where it is.  Ah, brains!  Completely gone.  On the plus side, zombies should avoid me for the zombie apocalypse.

2)  Appreciated –

While on the one hand, I feel like taking on so much has made me overwhelmed and exhausted.  On the other hand, working with another amazing blogger and becoming a brand ambassador as well as deepening friendships with other bloggers have made me feel cared about.  I love knowing people can recognize and appreciate the things I do.  It’s something of which I will never tire.

3) Grateful –

I know sometimes I get the overwhelmed feeling, but I feel grateful I am needed by others.  This has been needed at work to do many things involving the teens at the library.  I love knowing I am trusted enough to run training by myself, as well as outreach and recruitment.  And every month I am grateful for my daughter who taught me so much about the world and has transformed the world in which I live every day.  I am a new person because of her.

4) Exhausted –

I know I have said this already but it bears repeating.  I am honestly exhausted.  While I have appreciated doing blogging with another person 6 days a week, I found myself overwhelmed and then that in turns tires me out because I cannot do things halfway.  I told myself I would write 600-word posts.  Did I do it?  No.  Now I am not doing the 4000-word posts of the past.  But I still border on the 2000 word posts which is about 3 times as many words as I was intending.  I want to write 600 words and then the word monster takes hold of me and I must type an extra two words for every one word I write.  It’s like the cookie monster only I write words instead of eating cookies.  Or something like that.

5)  Anxious –

I met a whole bunch of new people this evening at the Berry Blogging Summit at Knott’s Berry Farm.  It was exciting and new.  And I am now going to be working with a major Southern California Brand.  I cannot ask for anything more right now as my blog continues to grow.  But I have to admit, I am a bit anxious about all of it. I want to do well.  I am sure I will end up doing fine.  But you know the feeling you get at a new job.  You just want to do it right and be appreciated.  And so a little bit of anxiety begins to creep in.  I know I am feeling this right now.  And I know I can use the butterflies to do some amazing things.  Just have to remind myself I can do that.

6)  Emotional –

I spent a good bit of this evening thinking about why I began blogging in the first place.  It does seem strange this would make me emotional.  But so much of my blog is tied up in my relationship with my daughter.  I remember the way the blog began, reaching out to other single fathers to let them know someone else was there for them and could understand what they were going through.  And why did I do this?  Because I remembered what it felt like to be the single dad overwhelmed with everything going on around him.  And all I wanted to do was be able to love my daughter well.  I still do.  And this blog ultimately is a love letter to her, saying I cannot imagine a world without her, and I would do anything to make the dreams she has become a reality.

7) Frustrated –

I have been trying to promote in my library system for quite some time.  I have a lot of opinions about why this may be.  But my opinions as to why do not help me to move up.  So while I feel frustrated, I have to admit a good deal of this is my responsibility.  I am frustrated because I haven’t pounded the pavement enough to find the opportunities to grow in my library work.  At the same time, I am happy about this blog, and I have to remind myself to keep pounding the pavement here.  Because I refuse to be unsuccessful in this endeavor.  Only one frustration at a time.

8)  Focused –

I know it seems crazy when you are a little out of sorts to think you would consider yourself focused.  But in truth, I am very focused on my goals at present.  I have definite blog goals I am focused on.  I have fitness goals I am striving towards.  And I have vacation goals and other things I want to provide for my daughter.  All these goals come with time frames, plans, and hoped results.  Whether I accomplish them all is another matter.  Having so many different things going on at the same time does make it difficult at times.  But I am focused on the things I have ahead of me.

9)  Curious –

Sometimes you have an idea of what your future self will look like, but you cannot be sure what the path will be to get there.  It’s like you know the starting line.  And you know the finish line. But you cannot predict everything which will happen in between.  And I love the things which happen in between.  I think of it as an amazing road trip where you know your start and end points, but the best things are always the unplanned adventures which happen along the way.  I am curious about what those things will be and what will be in store for me.

10)  Amused –

Sometimes, I know I need a break from all of the stress I have to deal with in life.  Whether this means I go to an amusement park with my daughter or watching a comedy special by Jeff Dunham, I need to take a break.  And so at the moment, I am watching Jeff and his puppets have a conversation with themselves.  Or something like that.  Always hard to know exactly what to make of what a ventriloquist does, to be honest.  I suppose it’s like an artist. Their art reflects who they are.  Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing at Mr. Dunham and be scared of him instead.  Who knows?  I just know it’s good to be able to sit here and laugh.  Because I need a good one.

Continue The Conversation

It’s been a month of a whirlwind of emotions most definitely.  I know I have had to deal with so much.  Some of it wonderful. Some of it difficult.  So what kinds of emotions have you had to deal with? What things have you been appreciative of?  And what things have you found difficult?  What are you looking forward to for next month?

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